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Can only God fix Chester? Mayor wants ‘spiritual state of emergency’

By KatieKohler and MichelLee SPIRIT staff In Chester City, Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland has called on the assistance of local, county, state and neighboring law enforcement agencies to combat the city’s staggering homicide rate. This also comes after resident outcry at a February City Council meeting. Currently, the city has experienced eight gun-related murder since the start of the new year, which amounts to approximately one murder per week since the start of 2017. Residents called carnage experienced the weekend of Feb. 3, “the most horrific weekend.” While the city has taken earthly interventional measures to reduce crime such as...

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Chester officials talk about crime, plan meeting

By KatieKohler and MichelLee SPIRIT staff Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland doesn’t have a magic wand but he hopes waving cash and offering prayers will work to have some impact on the city’s staggering murder rate that has gotten many residents angry and vocal. At a press conference late Monday morning to address the recent spate of crime which has included 11 homicides, Kirkland announced an increase in the city’s reward fund from $5,000 to $10,000 to anybody with information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person committing a homicide. Since its implementation last year, no one has...

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Enough, Already! Long road to White House stretched further

SPIRITstaff report In what can only be described as an election of historic proportions, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, 69, has been beaten by billionaire real estate magnate and political outsider Donald J. Trump, 70, thus dashing her efforts to become the first female president in American history. Had she assumed the office in January, she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would have also become the first married couple to occupy the Oval Office for respective terms. For eight years during her husband’s two terms in office, she served as First Lady. The tables...

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In the Deadbeat Doghouse ‘Animal group stops Chester service over $30,000 debt’

By LorettaRodgers and MichelLee SPIRIT staff The City of Chester is now without animal control because, according to the Justice Rescue (JR) organization, the group has not been paid $30,000 in services rendered over the past several months. JR’s humane police officer Russ “Wolf” Harper, during a personal interview, said calls to Chester officials, including Council member William “Al” Jacobs and Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, have gone unanswered and ignored. JR has been responding to abuse and neglect cases in Chester for the past five years. As a result of Delaware County disbanding its animal control program and the city’s program being deemed ineffective, a verbal agreement was reached wherein the City of Chester would pay JR $7,500 per month for 24/7 coverage of, not only abuse cases, but all animal control incidents.  “We initially asked for $10,000 per month, which would barely cover the medical costs related to abuse and neglect cases, but city officials said they would only pay $7,500 per month,” Harper said. “For the sake of the animals and innocent residents, we agreed. To date, we have not received one single penny in payment from the city — not one. Our officers are all volunteers therefore the money goes directly to the animals for treatment and rehabilitation.” Harper said he called Jacobs’ office several times and when he finally got through to a “real person,” his...

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You Spoke! Voters pick Trump, Clinton and local officials

Politics took center stage Tuesday as voters in both Pennsylvania and Delaware went to the polls in what was described as heavy turnout throughout the day. Votes were cast for Republicans and Democrats vying for party nominations and convention delegate slots. As expected, Republican Donald J. Trump swept both states and three others, soundly beating Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Democrat Hillary Clinton was victorious over Sen. Bernie Sanders in Pennsylvania and Delaware. At press time late Tuesday night, Pennsylvania voters rejected amending the state constitution to extend the retirement age of Supreme Court justices and...

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