Author: Susan L. Serbin

Not So Fast… Media leery of county plan for new spaces

Media Council’s work session rarely draws a standing-room-only crowd. December was an exception as dozens of residents attended, having been invited by the board to view a county-proposed development. Council President Brian Hall opened the session by saying legislators wanted the communities’ help in determining the particular issue connected to the project—whether the borough should vacate a portion of West Second St. between and Orange and Citron sts. which now is a pass through with buildings atop. Delaware County is hoping to replace all structures in the two blocks bordered by Orange, Front, Citron, and Amber sts. They include...

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Elementary school teacher saluted by Media Council

Media Borough Council passed a proclamation honoring Fern Mathis, who is retiring after 44 years of service to Rose Tree School District and Glenwood Elementary School. She was recognized as an outstanding educator and mentor to students and colleagues, as well as for initiatives beyond the classroom. The proclamation cited Mathis’ contribution to the growth and development of countless children and educators. Her knowledge of teaching and curriculum has allowed her to serve as a role model for the entire Rose Tree Media School District. “In addition to her 44 years of dedicated service to teaching, Mrs. Mathis has...

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Springfield HS celebrates its ‘arts’ and achievers at year-end event

For school districts, June signals the near-end of the academic year and athletic events. For students at Springfield School High School, it is also time to complete year-long endeavors in the arts. “Celebration of the Arts” is staged annually, with about three-quarters of all students adding to the school-wide exhibit of fine, technical, industrial and performing art projects. The school’s hallways are filled with photographs, paintings, ceramic sculpture, and the traditional location for the architectural constructions from teacher Dave Ash’s class. The culinary arts are featured and last for as much time as it takes to judge and consume...

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Rutledge to start sewer clean-out

By SusanL.Serbin SPIRIT correspondent At its February meeting, Rutledge Council awarded a contract which will bring improvement to the sewer system throughout the entire borough. General Sewer Service Inc. of Sharon Hill had the winning bid with a not-to-exceed cost of $10,000. Council President David Waltz said work will begin after the final agreement is completed and he expects that to be soon. Waltz said he believed the borough’s plan of not waiting for spring, the peak season for construction and other types of outdoor work, resulted in a favorable price. The lines will be cleaned and pressure washed...

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Land development approved on State Street

By SusanL.Serbin SPIRIT correspondent Media Borough Council’s light August agenda included an action item with almost a decade of history. Development of an apartment building on State St. dated back to 2007, but settlement on legal issues moved the application to the status of preliminary plan approval from Council. Borough planners and the Delaware County Planning Commission both reviewed and recommended the preliminary plan. Architect Bob Linn represented Commonwealth Real Estate Investors (the development arm of Media Real Estate) in the application for an upscale, 23-unit complex. The plan includes reverse subdivision of five separate parcels, with frontage on...

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