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Bah-Humbug! No holiday pay for Chester cops and firefighters

  By MichelLee @MichelTheSpirit If there really was a Grinch to steal Christmas joy, he’d probably set up shop in Chester, at least for police and firefighters. The domino effect of a financially-distressed municipality that is the City of Chester is now plaguing its police and fire departments, with both unable to receive their annual holiday bonuses this year. According to the Chester Fire Department’s union president of Local 1400, Stacey Landrum, both departments are allotted additional money during the holiday season, per their contracts with the city, but the additional money anticipated to be spent on Christmas...

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Cops and kids bond over books

By MichelLee @MichelTheSpirit Collingdale Library hosted its second monthly Books and Badges last week, a nightly event where a Collingdale police officer reads books to children every other Thursday. This initiative was organized by Stacey LaCava, the new Collingdale Library director and staff, according to borough Councilwoman Kate Munro. “And being on Borough Council, we’re pushing for it also because we want good relationships with the police and the children,” Munro said. Last week, the topics of the books, read by officer Donald Beese, were about lives of first responders, particularly police officers and paramedics. Two children, the...

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Website made changes, but still pretty wrong

By MichelLee @MichelTheSpirit In the race for the 159th Legislative District, political information source has changed its website as a result of a story in last week’s Spirit, but the change is still not totally accurate and no one from the website organization has returned a reporter’s emailed attempt for comment. For months, the website that touts itself as “an educational starting point for voters” featured a picture of outgoing Democratic state Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland and identified him as his nephew, Brian, who is actually running for the seat to succeed his uncle. The site also features a link that goes to the senior Kirkland’s official state government webpage. After The Spirit’s article last week, the site posted Brian Kirkland’s picture but still has little information about him other than his picture, age, social media page and additional political information source. Detailed information about him offered by the site is actually all biographical information about his uncle who, after 24 years, is not running because he is now the mayor of Chester. Kirkland, who has run his uncle’s Marcus Hook district office as a director of constituent affairs, is a first-time candidate challenging two-time Republican contender for the seat, Upland Mayor Michael...

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Political website posts false information about 159th race

By MichelLee @MichelTheSpirit The countdown to election day is on and cramming last minute information to gain full-knowledge of candidates listed on ballots is crucial. To reduce the number of uninformed voters entering polls, has dedicated itself to promoting political literacy about state and federal elected officials, but constituents in Delaware County’s 159th Legislative District could potentially remain politically in the dark because of the lack of information about Brian Kirkland, a state representative Democratic candidate. The website is the third result when typing “Brian Kirkland Chester PA” on the popular internet search engines. Based on provided...

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Colwyn: From controversial to constructive. It’s working

By MichelLee @MichelTheSpirit Colwyn held its monthly meeting last Thursday and it appears the tiny borough is, for the most part, stepping out of the enormous shadow that casts Council as unruly and in cohesive. Through the years, Council members and residents have been verbally brawling during public meetings, which, at times, turned into a county-wide spectacle. Last year, a reporter assumed a man sitting in the audience was a resident and attempted to interview him. He revealed he was actually a Clifton Heights resident who attended the meeting to solely be entertained.  To this man, Council members’...

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