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Dems ‘betrayed’ by vote; mayor defends Council replacement

“Democracy denied!” was the complaint of some residents of Yeadon Borough after Council filled a vacancy at last week’s meeting, appointing a person who was not the crowd favorite. “It’s a slap in the face to the will of the people,” said former state Rep. Ron Waters, who was there and whose sentiments echoed others’ attending. At the session four people were considered for the Council seat left vacant after Nelva Wright’s resignation. The former councilwoman moved out of the borough. The three known nominees were Michael Allison, Dr. Vivian Ford and Charles Wilkins, a trio of political experience...

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Anniversary of infant’s death sparks outrage at child welfare system

On the one year anniversary of the murder of two-year old Mason Hunt, family and friends gathered outside the place where the horrific last moments of Mason’s life unfolded for a candleless vigil. Though they honored Mason’s memory, some relatives are using their experience as momentum for advocacy. “We’re here to bring honor to Mason and awareness of child abuse, which seems like the norm done at the hands of mommy or a daddy or a girlfriend or a boyfriend,” said Carol Paterson, Mason’s aunt.  “Our babies are being killed; this is not okay. When this family can heal,...

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Yeadon hires borough manager unknown to Council members

Yeadon Borough Council held its monthly meeting last week that one observer said was surprisingly “tame” but it wasn’t without controversy. Council appointed an acting borough manager who doesn’t appear to be big on people knowing all about him. Majovie “Joe” Bland was on the scheduled agenda to be appointed borough manager, secretary and Right-To-Know Officer. He would succeed Lawrence Healy. Both men work as associates of Joe Possenti Associates, the Aston-based firm that provides borough management support for several communities, including Yeadon. But Bland’s name was incorrectly listed and some on Council had a difficult time pronouncing his...

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Is a Darby Township battle for top cop a family feud?

Was the Darby Township deputy police chief position, held now by Brian Patterson, created out of nepotism? At last Wednesday’s township commissioners meeting, Sheila A. Carter, president of Darby Township Fire Company No. 4 and president of Darby’s NAACP, charged that it was and for her own personal reasons wants the issue of police appointments revisited. With 11 candidates now vying for the open position of chief of police, a new battle appears emerging between the camps of two candidates – Patterson and Mack Carter. “It’s been said that this position was allegedly created to assist Mr. Brian Patterson and our (Board of Commissioners) President (Lawrence Patterson), the father of Mr. Patterson,” Sheila Carter said before the commissioners and the public. She argued that when the deputy chief job was created five years ago, no postings were made available inviting other candidates to apply from among the law enforcement or civilian communities. “There was no requirement (for it) to be posted,” said Michael P. Pierce, Esq., township solicitor. Carter then asked if any then-current Darby Township officers were offered the position to which Pierce responded he didn’t know. Was there a reason why the position wasn’t offered to other Darby Township cops? Carter pressed. Pierce said he couldn’t recall such a long time ago and suggested Carter request minutes from that meeting which records the creation of the position...

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Officials offer $10,000 for homicide information

For the first-time in many years, the City of Chester is offering a reward hoping to solve the city’s first 2016 homicide that occurred Friday night at W. 15TH St. and Shaw Terrace, an area not considered a high crime neighborhood. Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland announced on Monday at a press conference a $5,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of a suspect. The offer was “matched” by Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, bringing the total to $10,000. “Although we realize you cannot put a price on a life, you can put a price on a criminal,” Kirkland said, flanked by Whelan and Chester Police Commissioner Darren Alston. “We believe people have information that could lead to making an arrest and successfully prosecuting,” Whelan said. “It’s time that the police, the district attorney’s office, the residents in the city of Chester work together to make our community safer….We cannot do it without you,” said Whelan. Police said the victim was a 42 year-old man found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head in his Toyota Camry that was still running. At the press conference, Kirkland said he and the victim had been friends for 10 years and the last time he spoke to the married father of 10 was on his way to church when the victim asked Kirkland to help him with his necktie. Although police...

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