Author: Michel Lee

Officials sue bank for bad house in borough

To prevent having to sink more funds into a constantly deteriorating property, Sharon Hill Borough Council has unanimously voted to sue Wells Fargo Bank and Nationstar Mortgage Company to take responsibility for a property both have been trying to foreclose on since last year. Borough Manager Steve Travers said the issue of problem properties is not limited to Sharon Hill, but common across the country. “If you Google foreclosure properties, all kinds of issues of holding the banks accountable come up,” he said. “These communities have been trying to get courts to force banks to take responsibility. The demography...

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Illegal dumping continues irking city, residents

Chester has been a choice dumping ground by what officials believe are external entities that come to the city to discard their refuse. At a recent City Council meeting, a resident complained about the illegal dumping of rubbish, particularly tires. Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland agreed that is an issue throughout city. He said he received reports of a truck, filled with tires, driving on Route 291 and the suspected driver was searching for a secluded area to dump the tires. As a remedy, Kirkland urged residents to report people seen dumping to the police and to alert police about trucks...

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The bruising continues from internal political fight

Some of Yeadon Borough’s Democratic Party’s key players are suffering blows from party in-fighting stemming from the recent  controversial appointment to fill a Council vacancy. Penny Florence McDonald, chair of Yeadon’s Democratic Committee, was initially upset over fellow Democrat, Mayor Rohan Hepkins’ tie-breaking vote against her pick for the seat. She expressed her displeasure, vowing to oust him and the current all-Democratic Council next term. In response to Hepkins’ 10-paragraph posting on social media that outlined reasons for his decision, McDonald is seeking her own platform to “clear the record.” “And if clearing the record points out that this...

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One man crusades to ‘sock it to homelessness’

Chester resident Emory Foley is tackling the issue of homelessness with a burgeoning movement to get a citywide sock collections-drive called “Sock it to Homelessness” off the ground. “In high school, my senior quote was, ‘My goal is to change lives and make this world a better place,’” Foley said. To fulfill his obligation, Foley says he started preparing meals and donating leftovers from his own home, even encouraging relatives and friends to do the same. The meals were given to the Salvation Army, Wesley House and City Team in Chester. “If I didn’t have enough leftovers, I would...

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Municipalities asked to ‘ban the box’ on job applications

Sharon Hill borough and Chester city have both been confronted about the issue of “Banning the Box”, a campaign federally endorsed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that asks employers to remove the box on hiring-applications asking applicants about their criminal records. Supporters believe a tick on the “yes” box creates biases against the character of a potentially decent candidate. Gov. Tom Wolf, on Tuesday, signed SB 166 into law. That law allows individuals who have served their punishment and remained free of arrest or prosecution for seven to 10 years, for nonviolent third and second degree...

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