Author: Michel Lee

Second Time Around: GV student wins 2016 Delco Spelling Bee

Last year’s third runner-up, Aditi Sridhar, reigned as this year’s champion at the 2016 Spirit newspaper-sponsored seventh annual SPIRIT/Scripps Delaware County Spelling Bee on Saturday. Held at the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU), 200 Yale Ave., Morton, Sridhar, 13, a Garnet Valley Middle School eighth grader, and other competitors described the measures they took to prepare. But when it came to actually spelling the words, Sridhar had an interesting method of conjuring the precise letters of each word she spelled.  Second place went to Garnet Valley Middle School sixth grader Aadarsh Balaji, 12, and third place was captured by...

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Positive Spaces: State creates classrooms for kids of the incarcerated

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), America has the highest number of incarcerated persons in the world. With one in 110 adults locked away in some sort of correctional facility in what is reportedly the highest rate of imprisonment in American history, the side effects of incarceration affect the imprisoned individual and his or her loved ones, especially children. In Pennsylvania, 51,000 inmates housed in state prisons have left behind 81,000 children, many of whom suffer from trauma due to witnessing the arrest of a parent and/or enduring trips to bleak prisons for visitations during the highly...

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Battle over petitions looms in Upper Darby

State Rep. Margo Davidson (D-164) is waiting for a state court judge to rule whether she can correct mistakes on her notarized election petitions and is bracing for a challenge from her opponent should the judge rule in her favor. Davidson, a three-term incumbent, filed a writ of mandamus to Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes last month requesting to correct errors made on her nominating petition affidavits. By themselves, the errors would not jeopardize her position on the April 26 primary election ballot, however, state elections attorney Kathleen Kotula denied the request and opted to pass the case along for the courts to make the final decision. In early February, Davidson hosted “petition-parties” and invited constituents to campaign office events to sign the documents. Carolyn C. Collins, Davidson’s former chief of staff and a notary, “notarized various circulator affidavits” at the event, according to a legal brief Davidson filed.  The brief indicates Collins incorrectly dated 24 of the roughly 70 pages of the affidavits, marking them as January, instead of February. In addition to those discrepancies, the brief identifies one page having “Delaware” written instead of the requested date. As a remedy for the errors, Davidson petitioned to the court to allow Cortes to return the nomination petitions to the notary to make changes to the dating errors. “It was a notary error,” Davidson told The Spirit, “The...

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Chester arrests one for illegal dumping

After many citizen complaints to Council about the persistent problem of neighborhoods becoming dumping posts, Chester police arrested a suspect, thanks to a citizen’s tip. On Tuesday morning, according to Chester press secretary Aigner Cleveland, police were summoned to the 2700 block of Kane St., in the Highland Gardens section of the city by a citizen who witnessed two males unloading used tires from a U-Haul truck. When police arrived on scene, they saw two suspects; one fled, the other, Gus Johnson, was arrested, Cleveland said. Police Commissioner Darren Alston, according to a press release, attributed the arrest to...

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Officials sue bank for bad house in borough

To prevent having to sink more funds into a constantly deteriorating property, Sharon Hill Borough Council has unanimously voted to sue Wells Fargo Bank and Nationstar Mortgage Company to take responsibility for a property both have been trying to foreclose on since last year. Borough Manager Steve Travers said the issue of problem properties is not limited to Sharon Hill, but common across the country. “If you Google foreclosure properties, all kinds of issues of holding the banks accountable come up,” he said. “These communities have been trying to get courts to force banks to take responsibility. The demography...

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