Author: Loretta Rodgers

NANBPW Chester Club celebrates with Black History Month program

The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women (NANBPW) Chester Club, Inc. hosted a Black History month program Sunday afternoon at City Hall featuring poetry readings, African-American history displays, living history interviews, Black History trivia, entertainment, and a buffet dinner. An annual gathering during February, members of the organization and a host of community members were on-hand for the event titled, Celebrating our Culture, Heritage and Accomplishments. “Looking back on history helps us to improve and to grow,” said NANBPW Chester Club member and event Chairwoman Lisa Smith-Strother. “Part of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream was to recognize...

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Local schools celebrate Catholic education

Drexel Neumann Academy, Holy Family Regional and St. Francis de Sales schools joined in a nationwide celebration of Catholic Schools Week during the last week of January. At Drexel Neumann in Chester, each day brought a new activity beginning with an all-school assembly. The remainder of the week included Student Appreciation Day, the Blessings Bag service project, an open house for new prospective students and their parents, a scavenger hunt, assemblies, teacher swap and prayer service. Each day, the name of a teacher or staff member was pulled from a hat and that person was awarded a prize. Students...

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Inaugural drug education program launches at Sun Valley High School

The message was clear: Heroin addiction has become an epidemic and children are dying from the lethal, highly addictive drug. More than 200 parents and students attended a presentation of the newest chapter of the Narcotics, Overdose, Prevention and Education (NOPE) Task Force last week at Sun Valley High School. The evening program came on the heels of a training session, followed by presentations held earlier in the day for the entire Sun Valley High School student body. With about 20 large head shots of young people who died of prescription drug or heroin overdoses looming in the background,...

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Area residents oppose DCIU expansion plan

Aston residents were out in force last week, voicing displeasure with a proposal by the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU) to expand the footprint of the Delaware County Technical School on Crozerville Road and double the number of students. DCIU is hoping to move students from leased spaces at the Delaware County Academy at the Collingdale Community School and the County Alternative School in Middletown to the Aston site. The current school population would increase from 400 to 800 students and include the Head Start program, Career Technical School and Alternative School. “We are sure families of the children...

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Chester landlord tells Council his tenants’ concerned about street safety

Chester landlord Greg Minor stood before Chester City Council last week and expressed concern about the safety of people living in his rental properties. He said one of his tenants called several weeks ago inquiring as to whether he had any other places to rent because the neighborhood was getting “really bad.” His properties are on West 21st and 22nd sts. and on Pennell St. “I sat down and spoke with them and they agreed to stay,” Minor said, “but I am concerned for their safety. Most of my tenants will not let their children play outdoors because they are concerned. “ He said he read an article outlining how Philadelphia has made progress in decreasing its murder and crime rates. “I am not here to be critical, but I want to know the situation and see what I can do to help my tenants,” he said. Mayor John Linder conceded that certain areas of the city have deteriorated over the years. “I have sat on a number of committees with (Philadelphia) Mayor (Michael) Nutter and (Philadelphia District Attorney) Seth Williams and I have been with mayors across the United States discussing this issue and they all have the same or similar problems as we do here,” Linder said. “In most urban communities there is a lot of gun violence, so Chester is no different.” Linder said many people...

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