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Township considers charging for using community center

Chester Township Council is considering the possibility of charging a fee for rental of the community building. Councilman Gabriel Ingram said due to the current economy, the township can no longer provide the building for free. “We know the building belongs to the people, unfortunately there is a cost incurred. We have to pay for lights, heat; police to patrol the area, and custodians to take care of the building. So, we are trying to come up with a viable formula that will allow you to rent the building, but at the same time recover our costs.” Ingram said Council understands there are financially strapped groups that are unable to pay the going rate and it is possible to make arrangements, depending on the function, such as a fundraiser. “These things are under study and (we) plan to have a decision by the end of the month, so we don’t conflict with you. Free is not an option any longer.” In other matters, Council named TD Bank the township’s official depository for 2014. It also approved a $3,220 bid from Grace Quality Used Cars in Morrisville, PA to buy a used 2009 Crown Victoria township police vehicle. Of the three bids submitted, Grace was the highest offered. Councilman Calvin Bernard announced that summer trash pick up will be collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning in May. He added that...

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Township amends laws for new movie studio

Chester Township Council recently voted to amend two ordinances permitting cellular antennas as well as water attractions, retail stores, gift shops and similar commercial stores in the Entertainment District (ED). In addition, the amendments will allow an increase in height restrictions for enclosed buildings from 120 feet to 250 feet. Via the amendment, the height restriction for antennas, heating, ventilation and mechanical equipment and similar projections was changed from 142 to 285 feet. In 2007, Council established the Entertainment District for the construction and operation of Sun Center Studios on Concord Road. Solicitor Stephen Polaha said the amendment clarifies the fact that cell antennas are permitted by the addition of the word “cell,” and also allows for additional amendments to expand amusement activities permitting movie theaters, television recording with or without audience participation, the use of retail stores, gift shops and similar establishments. Also, via the amendment, the minimum lot size in the ED district was reduced from 20 acres to 15 acres Polaha said the ordinance amendments were approved by the Chester Township and Delaware County Planning commissions. “When the original ordinance was passed, it was in regard to the height of Sun Studios,” said Council President Bob May. “Now the owner is making it a convention center and destination where people will come to see movie stars. He (the owner) sees the need to have a hotel...

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Town Watch offers $1,000 reward for razor blade vandal capture in Brookhaven

The Brookhaven Town Watch organization has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals who last week purposely taped razor blades to playground equipment at Eaton Park. Mayor Mike Hess said a maintenance worker cleaning the park and checking playground equipment noticed the razor blades and immediately called police. Hess said officers arrived at the scene, took photographs and removed the blades. The Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is involved in the ongoing investigation. “It is very disappointing and sad,” said Hess. “There are really some very demented people...

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Local dance troupe performs farewell Black History show for founder

Sunday was a bittersweet day for Kenya Jordon. The founder and director of Believe in Strength II and Dance Company presented her 26th Black History recital with a standing room only performance at St. Luke’s Community Fellowship Hall, 3rd and Tilghman sts., Chester. Jordon said the troupe’s final show will be June 22nd also at St. Luke’s. “This has been my life,” said Jordon, “and I have enjoyed every minute of it.” Jordon, who was christened and reared at St. Luke’s Church, throughout the years has been involved in teaching Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, choral ensemble, horticulture and...

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Parkside residents urged to keep vehicles locked with no valuables

Parkside Council Vice President Shirley Purcival, on behalf of Police Chief John Egan, during last week’s Council meeting, warned residents about prowlers searching for unlocked vehicles. Purcival said individuals have been seen on West Roland Road and reported to police. “Apparently, three persons were spotted by a neighbor on the west side of the borough opening a car door that was left unlocked, and the neighbor scared them off and called police,” Purcival said. “If anyone sees anything suspicious, please call 911.” Residents are encouraged to keep their car doors locked at all times and remove valuables from the vehicle. In other matters, Dave Schlott was appointed health inspector, replacing Cathy Warfield who resigned last month. Schlott is the borough’s former animal control officer. Roberta Cole was appointed a substitute crossing guard. It was announced that the Citizens Police Academy is now full with the first class held on Monday of this week. Residents from across Delaware County registered for the class, which takes place Monday nights at Parkside Borough...

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