Author: Loretta Rodgers

Buddy Bench introduced in Chichester School District

By LorettaRodgers It’s much better to be a buddy than a bully. That was the message communicated at a recent Chichester School Board meeting when a decorated “Buddy Bench” was introduced to the community. Chichester resident Dan Hill, who has grandchildren attending Chichester schools, first approached the Chichester Education Foundation about the benches, which are designed to encourage inclusiveness. The idea was accepted and encouraged, and now, every elementary school in the Chichester School District will design and receive its own Buddy Bench. Schools Superintendent Dr. Kathy Sherman said the district’s Industrial Arts Department was contacted and the...

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Stigale: Don’t be alarmed over medpot applications

By LorettaRodgers For the second time in a month, Aston commissioners, last week, voted 6-1 to grant Penn’s Green’s, LLC  conditional use to operate a growing and distribution medical marijuana (medpot) facility in an industrial park at 12 Mount Pleasant Drive. Second Ward Commissioner Carol Graham was the lone “no” vote, citing concerns for her constituents. “The industrial park is very old and there are some things we cannot change,” Graham said. “But, it’s our responsibility to make sure that everybody, all the properties, businesses and residents, are considered when any new business comes in. I am uncomfortable as...

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Face of borough government changes after mayor and others resign

By LorettaRodgers The face of Aldan Borough government changed in one fell swoop last week as two high-profile figures, including its mayor of 16 years, resigned and one person retired. Council accepted all of the actions. Longtime Aldan Borough Mayor James Hopely resigned for ongoing health reasons. The 52-year Aldan resident was completing his 16th year as mayor. In addition, Hopely served three times as president of the Aldan Boosters Civic Association and is a 47-year member of the American Legion. “Jim has truly enjoyed serving as mayor and loves this wonderful community,” read the letter written by...

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Township to consider first medpot application

By LorettaRodgers Aston commissioners will hold a special meeting 7 P.M., Thursday at the municipal building on Pennell Road to consider a conditional use application submitted by Medgarden LLC, a marijuana growing and wholesale distribution facility. This meeting is open to the public. The application came within a week of commissioners appproving an ordinance regulating such facilities in the township. Principal stipulations of the ordinance state that a facility may only be located in the Limited Industrial (LI) district, be at least 1,000 feet from a school or day care center, and be in a fully enclosed and secure structure not accessible to minors. In addition, there can be no visual exterior evidence of any medical marijuana growing facility. The ordinance also states that indoor medical marijuana growing activity may include harvesting marijuana plants and the drying of flowers, but shall not include extraction procedures to produce concentrated THC, except as may be authorized under the Medical Marijuana Act for holders of permits. Medical marijuana is not to be confused with the canabis that is smoked, but rather is prescrible by a physician in the form of pills, oils, creams and a nebulizer to provide relief to individuals with a host of problems including but not limited to cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Parkinsons Disease, ALS, and...

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District re-zoned from townhouse to apartments for condo development

By LorettaRodgers Aston commissioners, last week, adopted an ordinance amending the zoning map to rezone a 10.4 acre parcel of property at 104-106 Pennell Road at the terminus of North Manor Drive between Pennell and Old Pennell Roads, from townhouse to apartment district. Local builder Joseph Grace requested the change to construct luxury apartment condominiums on the parcel. The development will meet all height and parking requirements and there was no zoning variance requested. Reportedly the three-story buildings will have metal roofs with a brick facade that will be “architecturally appealing.” There will be a computer and exercise...

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