Author: Leslie Krowchenko

Marple celebrates Arbor and Earth days with new tree planting

By LeslieKrowchenko SPIRIT correspondent With a week to go before this year’s actual date, the Marple Tree Commission celebrated Arbor Day last Friday by planting a black locust at North Malin Road’s tot lot. Joined by local residents and elected officials on the day before Earth Day, the group added the tree to the landscape in a spot visible to all who bring their youngsters to enjoy the equipment. The sapling joins another one planted recently near the jungle gym. “The timing is perfect,” said member Liz Ball referring to Earth Day. “It is a wonderful day to take...

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Students win with case against nation’s Electoral College

By LeslieKrowchenko SPIRIT correspondent If the students in Rachael Pinsley’s class had their say, Hillary Clinton would be the 45th president. The fifth graders at Glenwood Elementary School decided popular vote, rather than the Electoral College, should determine who occupies the White House. The strength of their argument took second place in the fourth annual Lenfest Citizenship Challenge hosted by The Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement. “The American electoral process is a topic we teach every year and it’s especially interesting when it’s an election year,” said Pinsley during the February Rose Tree Media School Board meeting....

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Area student becomes a calendar pin-up in county poster contest

By LeslieKrowchenko SPIRIT correspondent Paxon Hollow Middle School student Ryan Fazio is Mr. November in the 2017 Delaware County Department of Human Services calendar. The seventh grader was one of the winners of the 28th annual Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Awareness Poster Contest. His work, a black-hooded figure sitting on a throne surrounded by butts and matchbooks with the caption, “Don’t Smoke Cigarettes – They’ll Turn You to the Dark Side!” is most appropriate for that month, as Nov. 16 is the Great American Smokeout. The annual event, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, encourages smokers across the...

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Lighting the Way: Communities start New Year with unique scholarship fundraiser

By LeslieKrowchenko SPIRIT correspondent For the last 15 years, luminaria have lined the streets of Swarthmore on New Year’s Day. Portions of Wallingford are now aglow, too. The project, which benefits A Better Chance (ABC) Strath Haven, helps light the way for students of color to graduate from the high school and go to college. Including additional neighborhoods within the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District was a natural expansion of the effort. “Three years ago, the founders of the Swarthmore program began turning it over to a new group of folk who started looking at ways to grow,” said ABC and...

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Putting Money Where It Matters: Education group gives $18,000 in grants

By LeslieKrowchenko SPIRIT correspondent Presenting funds to enhance student experience is an annual highlight for Ridley Education Foundation (REF) president and school board member Beverly Kapanjie. The October meeting was the time to distribute checks and award recipients. The non-profit organization presented nearly $18,000 in new and renewed grants for the 2016-2017 school year. REF raises private dollars through tax-deductible contributions to enrich educational opportunities and support innovation in the classroom. Its mission notes it awards the grants “to supplement, but not replace, regular school district funds,” adding “the primary beneficiaries of the funds raised by the foundation are...

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