Author: Katie Kohler

For Kori, her adversity brought strength; her mission, ‘keep breathing’

People, especially those who are suffering, find refuge in the pages of a journal. They may feel powerless, unable to understand why things are happening to them, but putting it into words can be more cathartic than any treatment. Korilynne Calciano, of Chester, finds comfort in putting her feelings about her struggle with kidney disease into words. “I woke up in hospital beds where I flat-lined and no one was there,” said Calciano, who speaks about her life with a raw honesty. “That’s when I realized this isn’t for everybody. This life is for me. The trick is to...

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Path of Destruction? School leaders fear dismantling of public education

As school districts finalized their budgets for the next school year, local school officials and advocates called on the state to do its fair share for education during a press conference last week at the Southeast Delco Kindergarten Center. On average, states across the country cover 45 percent of school funding costs but Pennsylvania’s contribution to education funding is only 37 percent, one of the lowest in the country. As a result, schools are overly dependent on local school districts which account for 56 percent of school funding. Calling the state of education funding unfair and inadequate, speakers repeatedly...

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ could have roots at Park Lane Elementary

The approaching end of the school year can make students break into impromptu joyous song and dance, but on a recent Tuesday afternoon, the fifth graders at Park Lane Elementary School had a case of happy feet for a different reason. Their performance highlighted what they learned during their participation in the Dancing Classrooms Philly (DCP) program. Dapper young gentlemen offered their arms to elegant young ladies as they danced the meringue, foxtrot, rumba, tango, waltz, and swing. “I showed my partner respect by looking directly in their eyes,” said Nasir Lang. “I had my hand positioned on my...

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Not In My Backyard Residents rail against halfway house plan

Collingdale residents filled Borough Hall last Wednesday night to express dissent during the Zoning Board hearing for Harwood House II, a 21-bed halfway house residential treatment facility for women that wants to establish a facility in that community. The public hearing was held about its application for its property in the 300 block of Clifton Ave. which proposes a halfway house for a “short-term residential recovery program.” In conjunction with the intended use, Harwood House is seeking a special exception to interpret the term “family” as determined by the Collingdale Borough Zoning Code. An informational packet by Harwood made...

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Life after transplant is good for ex-painter turned musician

Prince White played bass last night with his band, Revolution Heroes, for over three hours. Today, at a coffee shop, like many artists after a performance, he can easily critique the high and low points of the show. But it doesn’t last long. He can’t help but smile. “We sounded good,” he said. “That’s my element. It’s where I’m meant to be.” Bands play in bars and clubs every night. But for White, music is his purpose. It would be called his lifeline, but right now he is focused on the bass line. On February 20, White underwent a...

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