Author: Katie Kohler

Meet the new sheriff; Jerry Sanders made BIG history

There are still Election Night aftershocks from the end of the four-decade straight Republican run in Delaware County. Much of the attention was focused on the County Council race, but the bout for sheriff, although not the title fight, packed a major historical punch. Jerry Sanders ousted incumbent Mary McFall Hooper and the win makes the Drexel Hill resident the first African-American in Delaware County history to serve in a county row office and the first time since 1934 that a Democrat won that office. Sanders, 68, rose through the ranks in the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office starting as a...

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Kirkland calls bogus letter political mischief

Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland has been quick to say, “H2-whoa!” to rumors about the Chester Water Authority (CWA). During a November Council meeting, Kirkland took a few minutes to address what he called a bogus letter circulating with the City of Chester seal about a CWA meeting. Kirkland pointed out that City Council does not have the authority to call CWA meetings. He said the letter was first brought to his attention on Election Day at a polling place. A voter questioned him about the letter, showed it to him and he didn’t know what she was talking about....

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Letter to CWA sparks outrage; board suspects state collusion

Residents flooded a conference room at Neumann University last Friday afternoon hoping to douse the possibility of the Chester Water Authority (CWA) being sold to a private company. Much of the fear stemmed from an Oct. 25th letter Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland sent to CWA board Chair Cynthia Leitzell. The two-and-a-half-page letter has been making its rounds on social media. It states in part: “I am certain it is in all of our interests to pursue a more comprehensive and cooperative effort to consider how this great asset (the CWA) can best serve our broader community and keep water...

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Hopeful Dems remained upbeat

Delaware County Democrats hoping to break the four-decade Republican stronghold on county government filed into The Inn at Swarthmore on Tuesday night upbeat from months of tough campaigning and an Election Day hindered by cold rain. As their excitement grew, the numbers revealed flips in long “red” areas and races usually dominated by Republicans were deemed too-close-to-call by the time The Spirit went to press. Joel Coon, campaign manager for County Council candidates Kevin Madden and Brian Zidek, was pleased that Democrats were over-performing in precincts where they usually struggled and that it was, “way too early to tell...

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Local elementary kids say ‘no’ to drugs

Last Friday was a red-letter day for Park Lane Elementary School in Darby as 500 students, parents, and staff marched through the neighborhood carrying signs and chanting, “Say no to drugs,” in an effort to keep themselves and their community drug-free. Darby Fire trucks led the brigade. The annual event in honor of National Red Ribbon Week aims to unite the school and the community against one of the largest threats to the future success of young people. “Taking a united and unequivocal stand against drugs sends a powerful message to our students that their success, in fact their...

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