Author: Jeanne Bennett

Dogs On The Boat

With Labor Day just a few weeks away many families are planning their last big trip before its time to pack away everything that symbolizes the carefree days of summer and get back to tight schedules and not enough hours in the day. While for most of us this might include a visit to an amusement park, a simple celebration in the backyard or maybe at a local park, there are some lucky dogs that get to say goodbye to summer with their families from the deck of a boat. This sounds simple enough; after all, dogs are natural...

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Pets left in sweltering cars can get owners into real hot water

The dangers of leaving a living being in a hot car – be it an animal or a person – cannot be overstated, yet stories of babies and animals who perish after being left in a hot car flood news reports. Sometimes it is an honest mistake; where a person doesn’t realize that they have their pet in the car, but most of the time it is because no one thinks it could happen to them. After all the intention was to be gone for just a few minutes, unfortunately sometimes that is all it takes for tragedy to...

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Beware of Lyme disease in cats and dogs this summer season

Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-transmitted diseases in the world but not exactly the easiest to diagnose since it only causes symptoms in five to 10 percent of affected dogs or cats. It is caused by a spirochete (bacteria) species of the Borrelia burgdorferi (B. burgdorferii) group. When infection leads to disease in dogs or cats, the pet owner may notice a recurrent lameness de to inflammation of the joints. There may also be a lack of appetite and depression. More serious complications include damage to the kidneys, and rarely, heart or nervous system disease. Many...

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Always cute but never human, dogs will be dogs

Dogs are animals. No matter how we dress them or treat them like people, they are still animals. They are prone to certain behaviors that, sometimes as pet owners, we would rather they forget but unfortunately they never will. Most problems occur in dogs when humans try to alter an animal’s natural behavior without understanding why an animal behaves the way it does. Here are a few behaviors that our dogs are most likely to display; hopefully by understanding the natural roots of animal behavior we can enjoy living with pets more. • Chewing Dogs in the wild were...

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When dog barking goes beyond being cute…

It’s never fun when your canine companion barks every time someone walks past your house; they hear a noise coming from outside, when they see a dog while driving in the car with you or, worst of all, for no apparent reason. First let’s acknowledge that some breeds are more likely to bark than others. It can be a persistent and challenging problem to correct. So what’s an owner to do when the dog won’t stop barking? Be a detective. Try to figure out why your dog is barking? Rule out any physical causes by having him examined by...

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