Author: Jeanne Bennett

Cat hair is good except when it’s not

No two ways about it: Hairballs in cats are unpleasant. And they’re not just disagreeable for the person who has to clean them up, they can cause intestinal blockages, which can be a serious health problem for your cat. It’s a given that your cat is going to groom herself, so what can you do to keep hairballs to a minimum? Hairballs may be disgusting, but they are quite commonplace and develop as a result of your cat’s healthy and fastidious grooming routine. When your cat grooms himself, tiny hook-like structures on his tongue catch loose and dead hair,...

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Now’s time to celebrate animals worldwide

Happy October! Along with celebrating Halloween, Oktoberfest and all things autumn, pet lovers can celebrate pets almost every day of the month. So we start the celebration with World Animal Day (Oct. 4). As human beings, we are neighbors, roommates, and friends to all types of creatures, and it’s our responsibility to help protect them so that their future generations can grow and thrive. In turn, our future generations can be blessed with the joy of sharing their lives with them, too. World Animal Day began in 1931 as a way to highlight the plight of endangered species. This...

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Just like people, dogs can get skin tags, too

Skin tags are tiny, soft skin growths that can appear anywhere on a dog’s body. Also called fibropapillomas, fibrin tags, dog warts, skin polyp, and achrochordons, skin tags are fleshy growths on the skin that are about a few millimeters in length. Some growths are round while others are flat and stalk-like. Other growths are small and look like grains of rice, while the bigger ones can grow to the size of a piece of grape. Dogs, of any breed or age, may develop these skin tags. It is most common in older dogs, as well as specific breeds,...

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Portion control is not just for humans

Every pet owner dreams of having their beloved cat or dog with them for many, many years. But most pet owners are doing something every day (sometimes several times a day) which might decrease their pet’s longevity? That something is overfeeding. Every living creature needs food to survive. It is the rare animal (humans included) that will correctly ration their daily caloric intake. But research has shown overweight and obese pets do not live as long as their thinner counterparts. Maintaining your pet at an ideal body condition score will help to lengthen and greatly improve its quality of...

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From early civilization to now, cats have played a major role

The history of cats, the world’s most popular pet, starts way back before the modern 20th century right to the beginning of known and recorded history. The ancient history of the domestic cat starts at the time of the ancient Egyptians, 4,000 years ago where they were regarded as sacred creatures. The origins of cats (domestic cats) are thought to have come from the African Wild Cat. The breed was domesticated in ancient Egypt to control vermin that was harming crops and causing diseases. The cats controlled the rat population, which reduced disease and deaths and also allowed a...

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