Author: Jeanne Bennett

Always cute but never human, dogs will be dogs

Dogs are animals. No matter how we dress them or treat them like people, they are still animals. They are prone to certain behaviors that, sometimes as pet owners, we would rather they forget but unfortunately they never will. Most problems occur in dogs when humans try to alter an animal’s natural behavior without understanding why an animal behaves the way it does. Here are a few behaviors that our dogs are most likely to display; hopefully by understanding the natural roots of animal behavior we can enjoy living with pets more. • Chewing Dogs in the wild were...

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When dog barking goes beyond being cute…

It’s never fun when your canine companion barks every time someone walks past your house; they hear a noise coming from outside, when they see a dog while driving in the car with you or, worst of all, for no apparent reason. First let’s acknowledge that some breeds are more likely to bark than others. It can be a persistent and challenging problem to correct. So what’s an owner to do when the dog won’t stop barking? Be a detective. Try to figure out why your dog is barking? Rule out any physical causes by having him examined by...

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Too much sun can be as harmful to pets as humans

Yes, cats and dogs can get sunburned. White or light-colored animals have a greater risk of sun damage than their dark-furrier counterparts but a dog or cat with a close cut or thinning hair is just as likely to burn no matter what color it is. Most people don’t realize that dogs with short legs are more susceptible to sunburn than other dogs. Why? Because their bellies are closer to the ground, therefore it’s easier for the tummy area to get sunburn from the sunlight and heat being reflected off the ground. Collies and other dog breeds, such as...

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Accupuncture: It’s not just all about needles for humans or pets

Acupuncture is a therapeutic process during which a practitioner inserts fine needles into your pet’s body to help control pain and cure chronic ailments. It’s a very old practice in humans and in animals; something very much like acupuncture was practiced in India more than 7,000 years ago, and there is evidence that Stone Age humans in China used it 5,000 years in the past. Acupuncture for animals is nearly as old a remedy as for humans (in fact, some say it was first discovered when horses hit in certain places by arrows exhibited “miraculous” healing). The “father of...

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Dogs will be dogs and peeing is all in a day’s work

A thousand times a day I have to repeat to myself, “I love my dog. He is not bad or being spiteful; dogs are territorial animals.” So when my Lamb Chop lifts his leg to mark on a door, new toy or sometimes his sister, he is not being spiteful but just saying, “This is mine.” Urine-marking behavior is not a problem of housebreaking; he is purposefully marking his territory. So, to solve it, you need to look for the underlying issue that drives your dog’s need to mark his territory like this. First, though, take your dog to...

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