Author: Jeanne Bennett

There’s money, big money, in animal care

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate If you feel it has gotten a whole lot more expensive to keep your pet healthy today than just a few years ago, you are right. According to a 2011 report by the American Pet Products Association, the cost of routine and surgical vet visits has risen 47 percent for dogs and 73 percent for cats over the past decade. Pet owners spent about $8 billion on vet care in 2000; by 2013, that figure climbed to more than $14 billion. If you need more proof about the profitability of veterinarian care,...

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Plain talk about pet vaccinations

Vaccinations have long been seen as a way to keep your pet healthy and disease free. Some are required by law and some are optional, depending on the lifestyle your pet leads. What do we, as pet owners, really know about vaccinations? What do they prevent and which one should we get and which should we skip? This is a brief primer about the most common vaccinations domesticated animals have available to them. This is no way intended as a guide to what you should or shouldn’t do as far as vaccinations for your pet; your veterinarian is the...

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Silica gel is for packages, not pets

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate It’s definitely one of life’s “oh crap” moments; your dog got hold of a bag of treats and ate the whole bag including the gel packet. You know, the one labeled DO NOT EAT. The one that you have heard so many horror stories about the effects that it could have on your dog. What do you do? Induce vomiting, rush him to the vet or maybe force him to drink a ton of water? First, stay calm. Silica gel is not poisonous — but you can’t let your pet consume it....

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“Tis the season to be good to shelters and rescues

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Shelters and rescue groups are really wonderful. They are usually made up of passionate, unsung heroes who go above and beyond what many would consider “normal” efforts to help the countless animals that find themselves homeless and many times broken and unwanted. Despite their efforts, they are unable to do it all alone. That’s where mere mortals come in; everyday folks like you and me, who may not have the time, resources or know how to help on a large scale, but still would like to help wherever and whenever we can....

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Keep your pets and guests safe at Thanksgiving

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Google the First Thanksgiving and you will most likely not to be able to find any mention of pets being at the celebration. If you have ever owned a pet, this should come as no surprise. PETS IN A HOUSE FULL OF STRANGERS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA!! Pets are very protective and some can be extremely territorial so to avoid any potential injury to your guests or your pets, it is probably a good idea to keep Buddy and Fifi confined somewhere. This may be a hard pill to swallow for...

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