Author: Jeanne Bennett

Fighting winter fleas is a battle you can win

For those of us with pets, we look forward to winter; we see it as a time when we don’t have to worry about pests like fleas that torture our animals. We look forward to a break from the sprays and gels and powders and medicines; all the things we try on our pets and in our homes to keep the blood suckers at bay. Unfortunately winter does not necessarily spell the end of bug season. Fleas are disgusting parasites that think nothing of hitching a ride on our pets, or on us, anywhere in our homes. One or...

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Wanna win the jackpot? Get a cat?

If you are looking to increase your chances of winning POWERBALL you may want to adopt a calico. According to folklore, calico cats are lucky. Japanese sailors traveled with calicos to ensure a safe voyage and protect their ships from harm. In England and the United States, male calicos are considered especially lucky thanks to their rarity and in the U.S., they are sometimes called “money cats” due to the mistaken belief that they can be sold for top dollar. Also, maneki neko, the Japanese talisman frequently seen in shops and restaurants, is almost always a calico. Maneki neko...

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Upland residents support police with ribbons and crafts

Since the first recorded police death in 1791, there have been over 20,000 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Currently, there are 20,538 names engraved on the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Seventy-one officers died in the 911 attack. Last Saturday was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and Upland residents marked the occasion with a special arts and crafts session at MacQueen Hall and a demonstration of precision and agility by a Chester police officer and his canine partner. Chester police officer Joseph Dougherty, a Ridley Township resident and third-generation police officer, took...

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Litter training for cats may require some planning

For the most part, cats usually take to the litter box quite instinctively. Unlike dogs, they don’t have to ask to go for walks to do their business. Cat parents take advantage of this and provide them with a litter box with the hopes they will use it and everyone will be happy. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. There are many reasons why a cat may forgo the litter box and opt for the floor or a potted plant. Unfortunately it happens and when it does it’s up to the pet parent to figure out why. Before...

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Resolve in the New Year to be a better pet trainer-owner

Many dogs who find themselves in shelters are there because of behavioral problems. Whether it’s too much barking, destructive behavior or an unwillingness to follow basic commands, most of these problems could have been averted with early training.  Here are some tips to help as you approach the New Year with your fur-baby: 1. Start training your puppy early on. While old dogs can be taught new tricks, what’s learned earliest, is often learned quickest and easiest. The older the dog, the more bad habits will likely need to be “un-learned.” When it comes to raising and training a dog, an ounce of problem prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure! 2. Train gently and humanely. Whenever possible, teach using positive, motivational methods. Keep obedience sessions so upbeat that the training process is enjoyable for all. If training your pooch is drudgery, rev things up a bit, and try the “playtraining” approach: incorporate constructive, non-adversarial games (such as “Go Find,” “Hide ‘n’ Seek,” retrieving, etc.) into your training sessions. 3. Does your dog treat you like “hired help” at home? Does he treat you like a human gymnasium when you’re sitting on furniture? Does he beg at the table? Jump up on visitors? Demand your attention by annoying you to death? Ignore your commands? How well your dog responds to you at home affects his behavior outdoors as...

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