Author: Jeanne Bennett

“Tis the season to be good to shelters and rescues

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Shelters and rescue groups are really wonderful. They are usually made up of passionate, unsung heroes who go above and beyond what many would consider “normal” efforts to help the countless animals that find themselves homeless and many times broken and unwanted. Despite their efforts, they are unable to do it all alone. That’s where mere mortals come in; everyday folks like you and me, who may not have the time, resources or know how to help on a large scale, but still would like to help wherever and whenever we can....

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Keep your pets and guests safe at Thanksgiving

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Google the First Thanksgiving and you will most likely not to be able to find any mention of pets being at the celebration. If you have ever owned a pet, this should come as no surprise. PETS IN A HOUSE FULL OF STRANGERS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA!! Pets are very protective and some can be extremely territorial so to avoid any potential injury to your guests or your pets, it is probably a good idea to keep Buddy and Fifi confined somewhere. This may be a hard pill to swallow for...

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Stray vs. Feral: All lonely cats aren’t created equal

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Rescuing homeless pets is on the rise. Many people are opening their hearts and homes to stray and homeless animals. This seems to happen more so with stray/feral cats since they can live on the streets relatively under the radar, unlike a stray dog which is likely to garner attention. When you decide to foster an animal it is always wise to have a plan before you accept any animal into your home. Here are a few questions you should answer before you start taking in homeless animals: Where are you planning...

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The scoop on cat poop? There’s more to it than you think

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Though a lot of cat litter products are advertised as “flushable,” researchers are saying that flushing cat litter might not actually be a “green” way of disposing of cat feces.  The problem is not in the litter itself, but in a parasite called “Toxoplasma gondii,” the eggs of which can be found in the feces of cats and other members of the cat family. This parasite mostly affects wildlife, and traces of the disease have been found in dolphins and a humpback whale. The disease can live for years in soil (which...

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Keeping your cool cat… cool

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate In spite of their reputation as fiercely independent animals, there is one area where cats need human intervention to keep them safe. That is when dealing with heat. You don’t hear about it often, but cats do not tolerate heat any better than people. Cats only pant or sweat through their foot pads in order to get rid of excess heat. As body temperature rises, the cat will suffer heat exhaustion and eventually heat stroke. If body temperature is not brought down quickly, serious organ damage or death could result. Some of...

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