Author: Jeanne Bennett

Hairballs for cats may be more than just hard to look at

If you ever found something on the floor that made you wonder why your cat was relieving himself outside of his litter box only to discover it’s not a turd, but a hairball, you are not alone. Hairballs, although unsightly and sometimes just down right gross, are a by-product of a cat’s healthy and normal desire to be well groomed. When your cat grooms himself, tiny hook-like structures on his tongue catch loose and dead hair, which is then swallowed. The majority of this hair passes all the way through the digestive tract with no problems. But if some...

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Your pet may not enjoy July Fourth fireworks like you do

It’s here again! If you are a pet owner, the “it” is July Fourth, Independence Day, also known as the most dangerous and stressful holiday there is. Every holiday comes with challenges for pet owners, but the Fourth of July comes with an extra bang in the reality of fireworks. Not all dogs are startled by fireworks. There are some that don’t show any reaction. There is no way of knowing in advance which animal will be afraid and which won’t. A German shepherd, despite its size and imposing presence, is just as likely as a mini-poodle to be...

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A summer shave may NOT be the best option for your pet

Double-coated dogs come in all sizes, from the small West Highland White Terrier, Bichon Frise or American Eskimo Dog, to not-so-small Samoyeds, Great Pyrenees or the huge St. Bernard just to name a few. The double coats of these dogs are made of long, guard hairs that define the dog’s appearance and which are supported by short, dense woolly hairs (the undercoat) below the surface of the guard hairs.  The denser (thicker) the undercoat, the fluffier the dog appears. As temperatures rise, dog owners prepare for hot summer months by shaving their dogs’ coats off. Is this really necessary? Can a...

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Glenolden parade attracted scores of neighboring towns

Hundreds of residents from Glenolden and surrounding towns from as far as Darby Borough turned out for the Memorial Day ceremony and parade hosted by the Murray-Stuart American Legion Post #566 on Glen Ave. in Glenolden. One veteran, naval officer Bill McCuen, is a Glenolden native now living in Virginia who attended with his family. Opening remarks were offered by Post Senior Vice Commander James Kaufman and the invocation was offered by Post Chaplain Glen King. The event featured scores of area Boy, Girl and Cub scout packs and troops and the Interboro High School Marching Band. First responders...

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