Author: Jeanne Bennett

A hanging tongue can lead to big problems…or not

A dog with its tongue sticking out is cute, especially when it’s a puppy. Log onto Facebook and you will easily find a meme of a dog with its tongue hanging out with a funny caption. Most of the dogs we see competing in the World’s Ugliest Dog competitions always seem to have their tongue hanging out between their teeth. However, a dog’s tongue sticking out all the time could be a condition called “Hanging Tongue Syndrome (HTS),” and it can cause the dog pain. HTS is a condition where a dog’s tongue hangs out of it’s mouth all...

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Is that smiling dog happy or does he have gas?

The internet is chock-full of dogs smiling…at least that’s how many pet owners perceive their dogs’ facial expressions, which resemble a human smile. But do dogs really smile? Or is it just another case of personifying our canine friends and we should stop? If they really do smile, does it mean the same thing that a human smile does? Could what we see as a sign of joy actually mask other feelings, or even an emergency medical situation? Ask any pet owner and they will tell you it is well-known that dogs do show happiness outwardly, but science has...

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When the weather outside is frightful, avoiding hypothermia is delightful

Well, winter is definitely here. It took its time but over the weekend it definitely came in with a bang and, depending where you live, a foot or two of snow. As we venture outdoors to enjoy the snow, we have to not only worry about protecting ourselves from the elements, but also protecting our pets. Despite their thick fur and love of the outdoors, our pets are in danger of developing hypothermia. It doesn’t have to be freezing for us or our pets to become too cold. If you have an outside cat or a dog that enjoys...

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Fighting winter fleas is a battle you can win

For those of us with pets, we look forward to winter; we see it as a time when we don’t have to worry about pests like fleas that torture our animals. We look forward to a break from the sprays and gels and powders and medicines; all the things we try on our pets and in our homes to keep the blood suckers at bay. Unfortunately winter does not necessarily spell the end of bug season. Fleas are disgusting parasites that think nothing of hitching a ride on our pets, or on us, anywhere in our homes. One or...

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Wanna win the jackpot? Get a cat?

If you are looking to increase your chances of winning POWERBALL you may want to adopt a calico. According to folklore, calico cats are lucky. Japanese sailors traveled with calicos to ensure a safe voyage and protect their ships from harm. In England and the United States, male calicos are considered especially lucky thanks to their rarity and in the U.S., they are sometimes called “money cats” due to the mistaken belief that they can be sold for top dollar. Also, maneki neko, the Japanese talisman frequently seen in shops and restaurants, is almost always a calico. Maneki neko...

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