Author: Jeanne Bennett

The truth about lies told to dog owners

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate We have all heard them and many of us swear by them but some of the myths that have been circulating about dogs range from silly to downright dangerous to believe. As owners you want what’s best for your pet and some really well-meaning pet owners have fallen victim to some of these myths. It’s time to separate fact from fiction. When your dog has a potty accident, it’s important to rub her nose in it to let her know what she did. False. This is not just false, but really disgusting and...

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The dreaded “C” word may not be the end for pets

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Thanks to all of the advancements made in the field of veterinary medicine, cancer is NOT… a death sentence.  Without a doubt, hearing that your pet has cancer is a devastating experience and is never easy, but a family needs to be able to make informed decisions about what is best for their pet. Your veterinarian is an excellent source of information and can provide sound advice and referrals to help you make the right decisions for your pet and family. Using the latest treatments can extend the quality and duration of your...

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Don’t forget that cats have teeth, too

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate As many of you already know, February is pet dental health month and since a majority of pet owners have dogs, there’s always the messaging heavily-weighted towards the canine owner. But PET dental health applies to feline fanciers, too. Today, one of the more pressing issues veterinarians deal with is getting people to be serious about oral health in cats. Cats generally, by the time they are six months old, have 30 permanent teeth intended for catching prey, ripping it to pieces and chewing it up. Nearly 70 percent of cats ages three...

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During Heart Month, beware of heart disease signs in pets

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate When we decide to open our homes and hearts to a pet, no one expects it to have to a chronic disease but it does happen, so we have to deal with illness. You don’t need to dedicate your life to studying veterinary medicine, but you should be prepared to know what is normal versus abnormal behavior in your pet. has a list to consider. Early diagnosis and treatment can make all the difference when it comes to heart disease and your dog. As a dog owner, you should be aware...

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There’s money, big money, in animal care

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate If you feel it has gotten a whole lot more expensive to keep your pet healthy today than just a few years ago, you are right. According to a 2011 report by the American Pet Products Association, the cost of routine and surgical vet visits has risen 47 percent for dogs and 73 percent for cats over the past decade. Pet owners spent about $8 billion on vet care in 2000; by 2013, that figure climbed to more than $14 billion. If you need more proof about the profitability of veterinarian care,...

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