Author: Barbara Ormsby

New construction forces cancellation of iconic Fall Festival

The loss of many parking spaces at the Ridley Township Administration, Police and Library Building on MacDade Blvd. at Morton Ave. isn’t the only casualty because of a massive construction project at the site. The popular Fall Festival, that began 35 years ago on the municipal  building grounds, has been cancelled, and all one has to do is take a look at the storm water management project underway in conjunction with expansion of the library to know why. “This project is going to go into January or February, including the new library,” said Board of Commissioners President Bob Willert....

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Heroes All Around Us: Ridley leaders salute teen life-saver

Jack Conant, 17, of Ridley Township, and Thomas Schoettle, of Glenolden, also 17, have been close friends since both attended kindergarten at the former Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School in Ridley Township. That friendship is even tighter now because of an event that happened in June at a backyard swimming pool. Conant saw that Schoettle was in trouble after he dove into the pool. He got his friend out of the water, began giving him CPR and stabilized him until paramedics arrived. He rode in the ambulance with Schoettle to the hospital. Samantha Schoettle said her son...

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Morton names new fire marshal

Morton Borough Council appointed a veteran member of the Morton-Rutledge Fire Co. to be the borough fire marshal. Mayor Maureen Piselli administered the oath of office to Dean Kemp at Council’s July meeting. Kemp, 34, joined the volunteer organization 20 years ago. He was named fire chief four years ago. A life-long Morton resident, Kemp graduated from Springfield High School and from Delaware County Community College. He works for United Parcel Service. In his report to Council on fire company activities, Kemp said Kiddie Manufacturing Co. donated 25 carbon monoxide detectors to the fire company for distribution to families...

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Rutledge reins in sizes, locations of ‘accessory structures’

Rutledge Borough Council considered the recommendations of its Planning Commission and amended its ordinance for accessory uses and structures in the community. Action was taken at Council’s June meeting. The new ordinance limits the location of accessory structures such as garages, decks, sheds, pool houses, gazebos, patios or similar structures to side or rear yards of a property. Only one utility/storage shed is permitted on a lot, and the floor area of a shed cannot exceed 120 square feet and be no higher than 12 feet to the peak of the roof. Accessory structures with a second floor must...

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What’s in a name? Morton says pride, parity and history

It has been more than 50 years since the Pennsylvania Department of Education mandated the merger of school districts, resulting in the consolidation of dozens of small districts in Delaware County into a total of 15 districts. Morton School District was ordered to merge with Springfield and the name of the new district became Springfield School District (SSD). But if Morton Borough Council has its way, that will change and the SSD will include the name of “Morton.” At its June meeting, Council decided to begin a discussion among members that probably will result in a formal request to the Springfield School Board to include the name “Morton” in its official and legal designation. “A school board, whose members are overwhelmingly Springfield residents, may not fully appreciate the importance of this one, small act to the taxpayers and students of a town a tenth their size,” said Councilman Bob McGrath, in a draft of his proposal. “Or of the gravity of the message that their failure to do so would be sending to our small, tight-knit community,” he continued. McGrath pointed out that Springfield Township and the Springfield School District are duplicate names of another township and school district in nearby Montgomery County. “And the confusion continues from there,” McGrath said in his draft proposal. “Does Morton pay its fair share for education? Many think not. Does Morton have...

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