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Never too old to vote

Although she had lived for well over 50 years in Aston, Elsie Mack had been too busy raising her seven children and working in the family business to ever register to vote. Now, however, widowed, disabled, and almost blind, she went to PennDOT to get a photo ID and also registered. Mack’s hearing is great, and she had kept abreast of events very well and knew which candidates she favored. So, on Election Day, her youngest son, who is her caretaker, got her ready; her brother drove her to the polls, and her sister-in-law signed a paper authorizing her...

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Grim Holiday for Kids? Report: Delco kids languish in poverty

While recent headlines tout a national recovery from the Great Recession, more children in Delaware County are facing hardships this holiday season than during the depths of the recession, a new study has found. Public Citizens for Children and Youth [PCCY] announced recently new comprehensive reports on the status of children in Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties, titled, “Left Out.” The Delaware County report was the first of the series. “An American tragedy is happening right before our eyes. PCCY dug into the data and in Delaware County found an alarming story that does not bode well for...

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Old-fashioned political yard signs sprout in digital age

By WilliamJ.Kole Associated Press ‘Sign, sign, everywhere a sign — blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.” Apologies to the Five Man Electrical Band and its 1971 hit song, but campaign yard signs are sprouting like weeds in this particularly polarizing election cycle. With them have come vandals carving Trump signs into “Rump” signs, and vigilantes defying local ordinances to festoon their properties with dozens of partisan placards. How is it that these analog expressions of political preference survive in our digitally driven, social media-dominated age? Do they even work? Political scientists and historians differ on when Americans began...

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Wanna be a state parole agent?

The state Civil Service Commission (SCSC) has opened the testing period for the parole agent 1 civil service exam from now through Nov. 30 for people seeking to become state parole agents. Applications are available on the SCSC’s website at or by contacting the PA Board of Probation and Parole’s (PBPP) Bureau of Human Resources at 717-787-5699 x 1322 or email To be eligible to apply, applicants must: have civil service status based on prior state government employment or competitive civil service testing; be a Pennsylvania resident at the time of application with a valid PA driver’s license; be a U.S. citizen at the time of initial application; meet minimum education and experience requirements; have four years of paraprofessional experience including two years of paraprofessional social services, human services, corrections, or law enforcement experience; or two years of paraprofessional social services, human services, corrections, or law enforcement experience, and an associate’s degree; or a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, law enforcement, legal studies, political science, behavioral science, or a related field; or an equivalent combination of experience and training. The selected applicant must be free of criminal history that would preclude a Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) certification.  Individuals convicted, or under indictment, for any felony; for any misdemeanor where more than one year in prison can be imposed, or any computer crime, are precluded from...

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Residents celebrate ‘community’ in Parkside and Glenolden

By LorettaRodgers   Residents of Parkside and Glenolden celebrated their respective Community Days on Sunday featuring food, games, rides, and entertainment. In Parkside, Councilman Nick Capobianco and a special committee organized a day-long event which was enjoyed by more than 800 residents. “This is really an outstanding day,” Capobianco said. “I am grateful for everyone who helped with this event, especially our great volunteers.” Members of the Sun Valley High School JRROTC and local scouts were there to assist with the many inflatable rides scattered on the Parkside Elementary School property. Children enjoyed games of chance, a duck...

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