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Kidney disease affects dogs and cats

By JeanneBennett Kidney disease, also commonly called “renal disease” or “renal failure,” can be quite common in companion animals and pets, especially as they get into their senior years. Kidney failure, when it strikes, will make itself known in one of two ways: it can appear suddenly and is often accompanied by very severe symptoms, or it can be chronic and slow to show its effects in cats and dogs. The severity of the onset of kidney disease is usually directly related to the underlying cause of the disease. The kidneys of dogs and cats are similar to all...

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What you need to know about being a foster parent for cats

By JeanneBennett Spirit staff Pet Advocate Now that our clocks are turned forward and despite what the thermometer says, spring is almost here and cat aficionados everywhere eagerly await the arrival of kittens. Like all other animals, it seems that every year when temperatures get warmer, kittens seem to come out of every backyard, shed or anywhere that the momma cat could find shelter. Many of these kittens unfortunately won’t make it to their first birthday. While a large number of pregnant cats have homes, there are quite a few who are homeless, have never been to a veterinarian...

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Irish Heritage and Rose figures are honored

Americans of Irish ancestry number about 44 million and have contributed to the achievements of the United States. This month, County Council recognized Irish-American Delaware County residents who celebrate their expression of Irish heritage and culture. “Once a year, on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish,” said County Councilman John McBlain. This year, St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17. A highlight of activities celebrating Irish heritage and to honor Ireland’s patron, St. Patrick, are parades. The 37th annual Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held last Saturday. The Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which started in 1771, five...

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State okays Mariner East 2 permits

After extensive review, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has approved the permit applications from Sunoco Pipeline LP (Sunoco) for the PA Pipeline Project/Mariner East 2. DEP considered water obstruction and encroachment permits and erosion and sediment control permits for the project. The pipeline would transport natural gas liquids from southwest counties to Marcus Hook. “I am proud of the immense undertaking our staff took to hold this project accountable within the confines of state law and DEP’s role in this process over the last few years,” said Acting DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “This was a huge undertaking –...

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10 ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your pet (or someone else’s)

1. Regardless of the type of pet you have, a dog or cat, if its not fixed make an appointment and “git” him or her done. Spaying or neutering your pet will not only lengthen his life, but can also help eliminate some behavior problems. 2. Did you know February is Pet Dental Month? Valentines Day would be a great time to get those pearly whites cleaned by taking advantage of special pricing that some veterinarians offer during this month. 3. Speaking of getting clean, when was the last time you had your pet professionally groomed? Even if you...

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