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Kidney transplant outlook better for African-American candidates

Improvements in national kidney transplant policy have evened the rates at which African-American transplant candidates receive kidneys from deceased donors, according to data from United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). UNOS serves as the national Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) under federal contract. National kidney allocation policy has been refined a number of times over the past 25 years to improve equity in transplant access. A recent analysis of the most recent policy, implemented in Dec. 2014, shows progress on many key goals in its first two years of operation. As of Nov. 30, 2016, African-Americans represented 33.3 percent of candidates listed for a kidney transplant, while 34.5 percent of deceased donor kidney recipients from Dec. 2015 through Nov. 2016 were African-American. The analysis also shows parity in listing and transplant rates among Hispanic and Caucasian candidates. “The transplant community has striven for many years to close ethnic gaps between people who are listed for a kidney and those receiving them,” said Jerry McCauley, M.D., M.P.H., FACP, immediate past chair of the OPTN/UNOS Minority Affairs Committee. “African-Americans are at higher risk for developing end-stage kidney disease than other ethnicities, and thus they’re listed for kidney transplantation at a rate higher than they represent in the U.S. population,” McCauley said. He added, “Minority candidates still face challenges, as they often are not referred for transplant as quickly as others and can...

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State phases in newly-designed drivers’ licenses, ID cards

As part of ongoing security enhancements, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has updated the design and enhanced the security features of its driver license and identification cards. PennDOT entered a new contract with MorphoTrust USA in August 2015 for the design and issuance of new cards and over the last 22 months has worked with the company on planning, design and deployment. This update, however, is unrelated to the REAL ID Act. PennDOT began a pilot of the new products in June at the Riverfront Office Center location in Harrisburg. All driver and photo centers will transition to...

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Why Jay Kelly Should Be Elected

I would like to let the residents of Glenolden and Norwood know the reasons why I am running to be their District Judge. I am a local guy having lived and raised my family in Norwood for over 25 years. I have dedicated my life to serving our communities as a police officer for over 30 years. I rose in the ranks in from Patrolman to Sergeant up to my current position of Chief of Police of Glenolden Borough. As both a resident and a law enforcement officer for over 3 decades, I know that Norwood and Glenolden are terrific towns with wonderful families, effective services, responsible governments, and a proud school district. Our families are rightfully proud of our communities. But in today’s world, we face many challenges. I know from personal experience that too many of our families have been shaken by the opioid epidemic. We have to be vigilant in the fight against crime committed by outsiders from places like Philadelphia. We also have quality-of-life issues like petty crime and vandalism that may appear to be minor in nature but have a large impact on our day to day lives.  Those are the issues that have to be handled here by our District Judge. Pennsylvania law does not require someone to be a lawyer in order to hold this position. I agree with that because, in...

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