Rose Valley is considering a tax decrease hat trick, as Council approved the preliminary 2018 budget which would lower real estate taxes by 4.4 percent. The figure would follow the two percent decrease in 2016 and six percent for the current year.

The preliminary figures would reduce the millage from 2.23 to 2.13. Based on an average assessment of $450,000, the typical tax bill would decrease by $44, from $1,004 to $960.

The preliminary budget of $363,300 represents an approximately two percent reduction in overall expenses, said Finance Committee Chair Bob Siwicki. It shows an anticipated $55,000 in real estate transfer taxes, the same figure allocated this year. The borough has received $46,000 as of Nov. 1.

The preliminary budget was also calculated without a line item for road repairs. Rose Valley is anticipating major street improvements in the next few years and has a reserve fund of $450,000 specifically earmarked for the project.

“Total expenses are down,” said Siwicki. “The absence of that line item is also a big contributor.”

The major allocations in the budget include salaries and benefits, snow plowing, contributions to fire companies, recycling and library support. The borough does not have the cost of a municipal police force and depends on the Pennsylvania State Police for coverage. The preliminary budget also includes a $20,000 contribution to the Rose Valley Centennial Foundation.

The budget will be posted for review in the office and on the borough website. The vote on the final budget is slated for Dec. 13.

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