Trainer Councilman James Cassidy said he remembers former borough Mayor Russ Cole often speaking about wanting to have a veteran’s memorial in the community. Cole’s dream became reality when a memorial — complete with hardscape, American flags, and memorial bricks — was erected at the entrance of Henry Johnson Park on Veteran’s Drive.

“I thought it would be a great idea to have a memorial,” Cassidy said. “So, I drew some sketches and spoke to local contractor Alan Boates, who helped us tremendously.”

The actual memorial has been up for about a year, but the red engraved bricks were added within the past two weeks.

Cassidy said the bricks sold for $25 each and since added to the memorial, more people have approached him asking to have their loved ones included. Since there is space for additional bricks, people can call the borough secretary at 610-497-4848 to place an order.

Cassidy said when the VFW closed its doors in Trainer, the large memorial stone was discarded. He contacted the VFW in Washington, DC and asked permission to take possession of the stone and have it placed at the memorial site, which was approved.

On the day of the interview for this story, a lone small American flag held down by four stones had been placed at the base of the memorial. Local children told Cassidy they saw a “younger guy” putting it there.

“This means a lot to our community,” Cassidy said. “I see people stop by to pay their respects all the time. I’m sure if Mayor Cole were here, he’d be very pleased.”

Trainer Councilman James Cassidy poses with the veteran's memorial recently erected in the borough.

Trainer Councilman James Cassidy poses with the veteran’s memorial recently erected in the borough.

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