State Rep. Brian Kirkland, D-Delaware, announced that the city of Chester, along with other areas in Delaware County, will benefit from $500K in state money to combat gun violence and expand the Delaware County Gun Violence Task Force.

Chester has recently been plagued with an increase in homicides, mostly due to gun violence, as reported by the Delaware County District Attorney’s office. The district attorney’s office has enforced sentencing illegal gun suppliers with a mandatory minimum of five to 10 years in prison.

Kirkland said that he has supported the development of the Delaware County Gun Violence Task Force, which came together this year to combat area gun violence. Local council members, community leaders, members of the Delaware County District Attorney’s office, Chester’s mayor’s office and other law enforcement officials met to discuss how to reduce the incidents of gun violence and the source of the crimes being committed.CKHS18038_300x250_OnlineAd_FamilyMed_HG_static

The funds secured will be used to expand the anti-gun violence task force with the addition of special agents and independently funding other law enforcement personnel.

For more information about this initiative or for help with state-related issues, please call Kirkland’s office at 610-876-6420 or email Malcolm Yates at

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