The loss of many parking spaces at the Ridley Township Administration, Police and Library Building on MacDade Blvd. at Morton Ave. isn’t the only casualty because of a massive construction project at the site.

The popular Fall Festival, that began 35 years ago on the municipal  building grounds, has been cancelled, and all one has to do is take a look at the storm water management project underway in conjunction with expansion of the library to know why.

“This project is going to go into January or February, including the new library,” said Board of Commissioners President Bob Willert.

The traditional Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on the front lawn, usually held during the first week in December, may also be impacted.

The Fall Festival was sponsored by the township Recreation Department, the library and the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB). The event featured day-long entertainment, activities for children, a book sale, arts and crafts fair, flea market, food court and a bicycle auction.

The library and the EAB used the festival as a fundraiser to support various programs. The library sponsored the arts and crafts fair and the book sale while the EAB handled the flea market and the food court.

The storm water management project includes a rain garden/retention pond at the Morton Ave. side of the front lawn, close to MacDade Blvd. Curbing and sidewalks along the Morton Ave. side of the property have already been added. Additional parking is also part of the finished project.

Willert said library expansion means all library facilities will be on one floor. The children’s library is now on the lower level of the municipal building. Once space is freed up on the lower level, the code enforcement office will move there. There will also be more space for the police department. Willert noted the popularity of the library with statistics showing that 120,000 people visited the facility last year.

The commissioners president said there will be no tax increases for the current project because the township borrowed funds to finance it about eight years ago and the loan is almost paid off.

Construction of a new Ridley Township library and municipal complex is underway at Morton Ave. and MacDade Blvd.

Construction of a new Ridley Township library and municipal complex is underway at Morton Ave. and MacDade Blvd.

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