I would like to let the residents of Glenolden and Norwood know the reasons why I am running to be their District Judge.

I am a local guy having lived and raised my family in Norwood for over 25 years. I have dedicated my life to serving our communities as a police officer for over 30 years. I rose in the ranks in from Patrolman to Sergeant up to my current position of Chief of Police of Glenolden Borough.

As both a resident and a law enforcement officer for over 3 decades, I know that Norwood and Glenolden are terrific towns with wonderful families, effective services, responsible governments, and a proud school district. Our families are rightfully proud of our communities. But in today’s world, we face many challenges. I know from personal experience that too many of our families have been shaken by the opioid epidemic. We have to be vigilant in the fight against crime committed by outsiders from places like Philadelphia. We also have quality-of-life issues like petty crime and vandalism that may appear to be minor in nature but have a large impact on our day to day lives.  Those are the issues that have to be handled here by our District Judge.

Pennsylvania law does not require someone to be a lawyer in order to hold this position. I agree with that because, in my opinion, law school doesn’t teach you how to be fair. It doesn’t teach you wisdom, judgment or how to render a fair neutral verdict. Pennsylvania law requires you to obtain certification through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I have received that certification and am ready to be your District Judge on day one.

Common sense, judgment, fairness, and justice are qualities that I have learned in my thirty years in law enforcement and in my life experiences. I will bring those qualities and experiences with me to serve you on the bench.

This will by my full-time and only job. It will be my career and not just a pit-stop on the way to another public office. I will devote all my time and energy to be a fair and impartial voice for everyone and I’ll never stop working to provide our communities with the justice our families deserve. I hope you will consider supporting me in this effort.



Jay Kelly

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