By KatieKohler

Three Delaware County children, Chloe and Frankie Tomaszewski, of Broomall, and Jordan Colteste, of Sharon Hill, landed their “dream jobs” when they were selected to be members of the Creative Crew for Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia.

“It’s awesome. It’s a big honor for them and they love Legos so much that this is the perfect place for them to check everything out,” said Tina Tomaszewski, the mother of siblings.

“I’m so proud of Jordan. He just loves Legos and it’s good to see him being able to do something he enjoys,” said Jonelle McDaniel, Jordan’s mother. “It’s all he ever wants. He doesn’t ask for any other toys other than Legos. You should see my house.”

A contest for people wanting to be on the crew ran from Jan. 11 to Feb. 5 and required children to build an original Lego model and have a 30-second video posted to Facebook or Twitter showing off their model and answering the question, “Why should you be in the Creative Crew?”

Submissions were evaluated based on the creativity and enthusiasm in the child’s response, along with the imagination conveyed in the child’s Lego model. Points were also given for social engagement.

During a preview event on Friday at Legoland, which is located at the Plymouth Meeting Mall, the three Delco children donned their yellow Creative Crew shirts and got to work.

It’s a pretty sweet gig.

Creative Crew kids serve as special ambassadors at events, building and testing new models for events, reporting on what’s new, and sharing tips about the 33,000 square foot center.

Colteste, 6, was hard at work constructing a bridge during the preview event. He already checked out the center’s offerings and his favorite part was the Imagination Express because he scored a lot of points.

He loves Star Wars Legos, “Kylo Ren is my favorite. He has a triple light saber,” but took a different approach for the contest, building a hotel on a beach.

“The hotel on the beach was pretty cool. My mommy let me put sand on the dining room table for the contest,” said Colteste.

For the Tomaszewskis, it’s family affair since they have a room in their house filled with Lego skyscrapers, trains, villages, castles and rotating seasonal creations.

“Their dad is really the Lego nut of our house. It’s a good bonding experience for them. It’s how you get to know your kids, actually doing stuff with them and playing with them,” commented Tina.

There is also a healthy rivalry.

Who is better at building Legos?

“Me!” the Tomaszewski siblings both replied raising their hands.

At age 6½ Chloe’s brick-based interest lies in building Disney castles while her brother Frankie, 8, likes to “build everything.”

Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia, an indoor Lego playground, officially opens to the public on Thursday, April 6, at 11 a.m. after a celebratory event at the mall. The indoor Lego playground features 10 Lego play zones, an interactive Lego-themed ride, a 4-D theater, and Miniland, where iconic Philly landmarks were recreated with 1.5 million Lego bricks.

All three Delaware County Creative Crew kids have been to other Legolands and their mothers admitted that the local location was as good or better.

“I would think this would rank as Number One in terms of a family friendly entertainment option for Delco parents. It depends on what your child likes to do. Jordan has a singular focus and likes to build Legos,” said McDaniel.

Jordan Colteste, 6, of Sharon Hill, is hard at work as member of the Creative Crew.

Jordan Colteste, 6, of Sharon Hill, is hard at work as member of the Creative Crew.

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