Donald Trump is showing us in extraordinary fashion just what’s wrong with America and instead of us moving to “fix” it; we wallow in and joyously celebrate our dysfunction.

It reminds us of something a Chester resident once said when we wrote about the mismanagement of the former YWCA. “It’s f—ed up,” the person said, “and we know its f—ed up, but it’s ours!” And, no, there was no movement to “fix” that either at the time.

Trump has made a mockery of political parties, the presidency of the United States, the role of the president on the world stage and, some would even argue, democracy itself.

Before Trump, we thought there were “rules” but they essentially turned out to be “customs.” Rules are concrete words and directions that get followed by everybody, presumably. “No one is above the law,” we’ve been taught.

Customs are things we do because… other people say we should do them, or we think they’re cool and appropriate and we may even feel a twinge of status by doing them. But we don’t have to do them.

Case in point: the release of tax returns by presidential candidates and sitting presidents. Such revealing information has been done for decades so we can know all we can about our leaders. Not on Trump’s watch. He never released them and probably never will. Apparently, that not’s a “law,” just a “custom.”

“Oh, well,” we say, “no big deal. That’s okay. Hail Trump anyway.”

Presidential candidates and sitting presidents have had to earn our trust. We can tolerate “spin” to a certain degree because such is usually one or two degrees from the real truth.

But Donald Trump outright lies! And when he’s caught in a lie, as he has been about Barack Obama bugging his Trump Tower offices, we just say, “Oh, well. No big deal. Hail Trump anyway!”

Most, if not every, executive order he’s signed so far has been designed to bring back things that caused the country harm. Such policies or regulations were put in place for reasons to help and protect Americans. He blatantly wants to strip away many of the things former orders were designed to make better for all.

By the way, we do think Obamacare needs a good tweaking, but remember, it was patterned initially after Mitt Romey’s Romneycare in Massachusetts.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

It’s still early for many and the Trump jury is still out.

For us, we think a one-term presidency, if not an early impeachment (remember Russia), aren’t unreasonable at this point.

But local elections are coming and we hope the example of “You want information? You want accountability? Kiss my ass!” that continues to be set by Donald Trump doesn’t show up in Delaware County or Pennsylvania.

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