By SusanL.Serbin

SPIRIT correspondent

At its February meeting, Rutledge Council awarded a contract which will bring improvement to the sewer system throughout the entire borough. General Sewer Service Inc. of Sharon Hill had the winning bid with a not-to-exceed cost of $10,000.

Council President David Waltz said work will begin after the final agreement is completed and he expects that to be soon. Waltz said he believed the borough’s plan of not waiting for spring, the peak season for construction and other types of outdoor work, resulted in a favorable price.

The lines will be cleaned and pressure washed by going through manholes, and should not require property disturbance. One of the main features of the proposal is the removal of roots in the lines which have created issues for homeowners.

Waltz said the borough is hoping for a favorable outcome to the borough’s grant application for $500,000, also related to the sewer systems. If received, the work will be far more extensive in replacing and/or repairing infrastructure.

“Sewer fees are billed to our residents by the gallon of water use. So if ground water enters the sewer lines, that cost increases,” said Waltz, adding he had no other information on the grant award.

Those borough residents who routinely follow and attend Council meetings might have been surprised in February if they had not kept up on announcements. Council will continue to hold their regular business session on the first Monday of the month, and the work session on the fourth Monday. However meetings will now begin at 7 p.m., a change from the half hour later.

“Our meetings are generally not very long,” said Waltz. He noted that even in the event of a longer agenda, meetings would end at a time people can be home relatively early in the evening.

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