Drive into Yeadon and one is automatically struck by that bedroom community’s ambiance and Old World-atmosphere.

Attend one Borough Council meeting and all of that kumbaya stuff flies out the window.

The meetings are a bit more toned down than in previous years, but still a gavel-pounding, multiple-outbursts-and-interruptions romp.

What a shame. On a number of levels.

This might sound sexist, but so what?

Yeadon has an all-female Council and the stereotype about women not getting along with each other vividly comes to life at these meetings. Person A argues with Person B “just because,” it seems.

Too often, we have seen, not just in Yeadon, but in other places locally and on a national level, women attempt to tear down and discredit other high-ranking females.

If these vituperative attacks are because of personal reasons, let it go. If there are legitimate, fact-based reasons for the objections based in law or reason, step forward unemotionally and make your points. It’s tough enough getting people to attend meetings and participate in the democracy, so people’s time should not be wasted with officials carrying out some unidentified bone-to-pick with someone else. Conversely, it’s also not cool having good ideas stay silent for fear of somebody getting or giving “mean girl” side-eye.

While it is true that “qualifications don’t count in politics,” it should be mandatory that common sense prevails and that people elected to public office are demonstrably committed to the common good, not wedded to their own egos.

Females in power don’t have to like other females in power. They aren’t forced to be “Sex In the City” homies; don’t have to sip wine, nibble cheese and giggle about “boys” together; nor do they have to shop-til-they-drop together.

But they should respect each other enough to let each other speak without interrupting and give their leadership a chance to govern.

Yeadon has a golden opportunity to show the world that women – Black women, at that, can lead and govern responsibly in true stateswoman-like form.

Fortunately, there are other examples… around the country, though, not here. There are three African-American female mayors including Muriel Bowser in Washington, D.C. and California just got its first African-American female senator.

As it is, Yeadon is doing fiscally fine. A borough with some of the highest taxes in the county has not raised taxes for the fourth consecutive year AND posted a $2 million surplus. Improving services without raising taxes is a management plus. Bravo, ladies!

The sistahs on Council should be singing each other’s praises from on high, instead of trying to knock each other down a peg.

If they ever become committed to lead, they can be a mighty force for good.

In the absence of that, you’ll get what you’ve got.

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