1. Regardless of the type of pet you have, a dog or cat, if its not fixed make an appointment and “git” him or her done. Spaying or neutering your pet will not only lengthen his life, but can also help eliminate some behavior problems.

2. Did you know February is Pet Dental Month? Valentines Day would be a great time to get those pearly whites cleaned by taking advantage of special pricing that some veterinarians offer during this month.

3. Speaking of getting clean, when was the last time you had your pet professionally groomed? Even if you usually handle the grooming yourself, splurge a little and get your pet a full grooming package. This usually includes teeth cleaning, nail trims and, while he’s there, get those anal glands checked.

4. Splurge and get your pet a play date or two at your local doggy daycare. This will be a welcome change from him snoozing on the couch while you are at work, even if only for the day.

5. Use the day as an opportunity to get your pooch some extra training. If it has been a while since you addressed certain behavioral issues, this may be the perfect time to sign up for a refresher training course. It could make both you and your pet much happier.

6. Get professional pictures taken. Many of the chain stores with photography studios will allow pets into their studios during certain times to have portraits taken.

7. If you are a little low on cash maybe you could pull up a video tutorial on pet massages and give your pooch or kitty an extra special rub down.

8. If you enjoy baking, Google up a pet-friendly recipe that you can make for your pet. Cooking for pets has really caught on in the past few years and you could easily find a recipe that is fairly easy to make.

9. Take your dog for an extra long walk. There is nothing dogs love more than going on walks. Just walking or spending some time with your pet can make them happier than anything you can buy.

10. If you don’t have a pet, do something nice for someone else’s pet. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog, pick up some treats for your friend who lost their job’s cat or volunteer at a shelter.

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