A disturbing video circulating through social media shows a female, 15 year-old freshman student at Penn Wood High School – Cypress Street Campus being attacked.

Shenise Taylor says after high school dismissal on Friday, Jan. 6th, her daughter began her usual walk to Park Lane Elementary School to pick up her younger sister. At about 3:30 p.m. on Weymouth Road, she was attacked from behind by a group of three girls and two boys.

The victim recognized two of the attackers as students of the high school and two as students of the middle school (one boy she couldn’t identify). There appears to be no reason for the attack and nothing was stolen from the girl.

One onlooker tried to break up the attack. After the attack, the girl, who her mother describes as “dazed,” picked up her sister from school, walked home and called her mother at work. The concerned mother called the school on Friday but did not receive an answer and figured everyone had left for the weekend.

Taylor and her daughter went to the school last Monday morning and met with various security officers and Assistant Principal Katherine Lawson who informed her of the video which, until that point, Taylor was not aware of.

“I watched the video and I cried. I couldn’t watch the whole video. I saw my daughter getting beat. I’m not strong enough to watch it again,” said Taylor.

School officials told her the students had been suspended for 10 days. She was instructed to follow up with Yeadon police, which she did immediately after filing a report.

Taylor’s daughter was diagnosed with a concussion at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Taylor continues to search for answers, claiming her daughter has received threatening phone calls for “snitching.”

“What’s the plan for the 11th day? How can you reassure me that my child is going to be safe once these kids return school?” the concerned mother asked rhetorically.

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