Boothwyn resident Carol McNasby wanted to do something special for her son and daughter-in-law’s birthdays at the end of June, so she purchased two $50 gift cards to the Mile High Steak and Seafood Restaurant at 1102 Baltimore Pike in Glen Mills.

Unfortunately, when her family members tried to redeem the gift cards in August, there was a note on the door of the establishment informing that it was temporarily closed.

“I was really surprised,” McNasby said, “then, later, another sign (appeared) that the restaurant was going to re-open after new hiring was completed. But, that never happened and there are a lot of people holding these gift cards.”

McNasby said the eatery’s former telephone number was assigned to another business and its website has been taken down.

She and many others are angry and want refunds.

“This is ridiculous,” McNasby said. “We paid for these cards and other people have unused Groupons they have paid for and haven’t used.”

Aston residents Gary and Laurie Smith have a similar story.

The Smiths have $400 worth of gift cards and also would like to know if they are going to be refunded.

“We were there the night before the sign went up trying to get served, but were told we would need a reservation because the place was packed,” Laurie said. “This was a gift to us and we have the certificates as proof. We would like to be compensated.”

Parkside residents Patricia and Sam Iannucci had been going to Mile High for about five years and established a rapport with the owner, Chris Lientz.  They also have gift cards totaling $400, for which they paid $200 in cash for a buy one, get one free offer.

Unlike others interviewed, Patricia said she feels bad for Lientz and believes this is not being done on purpose.

“Chris is a good guy and is very friendly,” Patricia said. “He sent me an email saying that he lost everything. I’m holding on to the gift card in the hopes that something can be done.”

Patricia said there were rumors for the past six to nine months that the restaurant was going to close permanently.

And the popular restaurant website, YELP, also has comments by some unhappy customers.

A woman from Wilmington wrote: “Was checking out the website to see if the restaurant was going to reopen.  I see that there was a very sad ‘oh pity me’ message asking everyone to feel sorry for him.  My question is this: Where is the pity and for those who believed in the restaurant and purchased gift cards? Money that, in a sense, was stolen.  I don’t see any attempt at rectifying and paying those customers back.  So before going on the site and crying for people to feel sorry for him, maybe he should see what he can do to pay back the money he stole from loyal customers.”

Calls to the restaurant’s telephone number were answered by another business and the restaurant website is no longer available. There was also no telephone listing for Lientz.

A customer service spokesman for Groupon said people with certificates for that company may call the Merchant Support Department at 866-956-1276 or 888-582-4354 for an account credit or refund.

The Mile High Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant in Glen Mills closed without notice, leaving patrons now holding worthless gift cards and Groupon certificates.

The Mile High Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant in Glen Mills closed without notice, leaving patrons now holding worthless gift cards and Groupon certificates.

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