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They may be only nine and 10 years old, but the Ridley Area Little League All-Star team, crowned the 2016 Little League East Regional Champions, exhibited their star power at the Ridley Township commissioners’ October meeting when they received, not only congratulatory resolutions from the commissioners, but also resolutions from Delaware County Council.

The team also captured the 2016 Pennsylvania District 19 Championship, the 2016 state Section 8 Championship, the 2016 state championship and the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship before becoming the first team from Pennsylvania to win the East Regional title in the seven-year history of the tournament. The lucky 13 players and their coaches were treated to a parade when they arrived back in Ridley Township two months ago.

“Ridley knows how to win,” said Delaware County Councilman Dave White, referring to the team’s 18-0 season. “And one thing that can never be taken away from you is the word ‘champion’.”

The township’s resolution salutes the team’s hard work, sportsmanship and solid team effort displayed throughout their extraordinary run.

Championship team members are: Larry Rose, Colin Huppman, Zack Ladislaw, Connor Scanlan, Irv Fisher, Michael Floirendo, Jake Shaak, Jack Sharer, Austin Cannon, Jaxon Kehoe, Sean Williams, Sammy Brooks and Luke Shaak.

John Scanlan is head coach, assisted by Tim Phillips and RC Kehoe. Fred Cotsack was scorekeeper.

During the meeting’s business portion, commissioners’ President Bob Willert said there will be some “minor changes” in the rules for renting Ridley’s Creekside Center, including limiting rentals to township residents only, installing security cameras inside and outside the facility, and alarming the rear door, making it an emergency exit only.

The action is in response to a recent incident at the center in the 700 block of Milmont Ave. when a Sweet 16 party for 70 invited guests turned into a mob scene when scores of young people crashed the party, spurred on by social media news of the party.

Police Cpt. Scott Willoughby said a fight in the parking lot resulted in the arrest of five or six party crashers on disorderly conduct charges. Neighbors in the area allegedly reported party goers were running all over their properties. Police departments from neighboring jurisdictions responded to the incident.

  “We took a bar out of that neighborhood that was a nuisance…we don’t want any problems. This is the first time something like this happened in the eight years we have been renting it,” Willert said.

The bar Willert referred to was purchased by the township about 10 years ago. A tavern operated at the site for more than 60 years when there were few houses on that block of Milmont Ave. Through the years, houses sprung up all along the lower section of Milmont Ave. going toward Michigan Ave. When the tavern was on the market, the township purchased the property, completely renovated the building and made it available for rental for social events and township activities.

Young Ridley Little League champions were honored by township and county leaders.

Young Ridley Little League champions were honored by township and county leaders.

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