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The countdown to election day is on and cramming last minute information to gain full-knowledge of candidates listed on ballots is crucial. To reduce the number of uninformed voters entering polls, has dedicated itself to promoting political literacy about state and federal elected officials, but constituents in Delaware County’s 159th Legislative District could potentially remain politically in the dark because of the lack of information about Brian Kirkland, a state representative Democratic candidate.

Information on Republican candidate for state rep. Michael Ciach is correct.

Information on Republican candidate for state rep. Michael Ciach is correct.

The website is the third result when typing “Brian Kirkland Chester PA” on the popular internet search engines.

Based on provided information on the website, Brian Kirkland doesn’t exist as a candidate against Republican opposition Michael Ciach. Incumbent state representative and Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland is incorrectly listed as “Brian” and, according to, constituents can call him “Brian” if they can’t be bothered with pronouncing “Thaddeus.” identifies him as Thaddeus “Brian” Kirkland and his profile provides Thaddeus Kirkland’s official state rep. website and academic background and accolades.

The political informational source doesn’t have any known direct contact information and failed to respond to an email submitted by The Spirit to explain the misinformation. But according to the website’s “About Us” page, “All the information we present is candidate authored or copied from the candidate’s website.”

In the “For Volunteers and Interns” tab, requests volunteers “willing to go into the field to meet and interview the candidates” and also encourages candidates to submit their own information for their profiles on the website.

Neither Thaddeus nor Brian Kirkland have been available for comment over a period of weeks, but Ciach said he doesn’t recall being approached by any volunteers from

“I don’t ever remember submitting information; it’s a possibility my campaign manager did some years, though,” Ciach said, adding that the website more than “pulled the information” from the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC).

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