By BarbaraOrmsby

Ridley Park Borough Council heard opinions at its September meeting from several Baldwin Ave. residents about the change of one-side only parking on the street that runs off of Sellers Ave. There was a difference of opinion about the recent parking edict.

One young woman, who said she has four young children, spoke of the inconvenience parking on one side of the street causes her while another man told Council he approves of limiting the parking to one side. And it appears that the recent construction of three new houses on the street is contributing to the parking and traffic woes because drive-way aprons for the houses cuts down on available street parking.

Another resident said most homes on the street are no longer inhabited by one car families and that is also a factor in the parking problem.

In dispute is whether or not the street was once a one-side-only parking thoroughfare. A Baldwin Ave. resident said if such an ordinance exists designating the parking restriction, it should be enforced. The existence of the parking ordinance for Baldwin, which is a dead end street, was not verified by the meeting night.

Council President Bob Berger said a no-outlet sign was erected and hopefully that will help with the problem but Council will continue to monitor the situation.

Council approved the purchase of a 2017 utility police interceptor vehicle from Pacifico Ford at a COSTARS (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Cooperative Purchasing program) quoted price of $33,379. It also approved a minimum municipal obligation contribution of $104,555 to the borough police pension plan.

In another matter, it was reported that two surplus borough vehicles have been listed for sale on with the auction to end by Oct. 14. They are a 2005 Dodge Durango with 69,000 miles and a 2009 Dodge Charger with 95,000 miles. The sales are contingent on approval of Council at its regular meeting on Oct. 18.

At the beginning of the meeting Mayor Hank Eberle called for a moment of silence in memory of former Mayor Edward Guy, who died recently.

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