The brightly colored barricade seals off a section of Storey Road that, commissioners say, will remain permanently closed

To the delight of some and disappointment of others, Upper Chichester commissioners, last week, announced that Storey Road will remain closed.

Commissioners President Michael Gaudiuso said approximately 100 to 200 feet of Storey Road, closed due to safety reasons and overwhelming requests by residents, will remain closed. Currently, a large orange barricade and a cement cube is blocking the entrance to and from US 322.

Route 322 resident Deanna Bradley, who gathered 79 signatures on a petition requesting the road remain open, was upset with the decision. Bradley said because of the location of her home, she is inconvenienced and forced to drive out of her way when traveling east on US Route 322.

“We are all taxpayers and we have the right to use public roads,” Bradley said. “You have also closed two other roads in this township.. This isn’t fair just because some people want a quiet road.”

Commissioner Nicole Whitaker said many people use local roads who do not live there and are “tearing up streets,” which the township is responsible to repair.

“I understand there are three homeowners who live on the Conchester that are being inconvenienced to a certain extent, but there is an entire neighborhood that, not just to have quiet, but for people driving though yelling and screaming and being rude to residents,” Whitaker said. “I have experienced it myself. We had to turn one street in my ward to a one way because of traffic from Chichester Ave. The overwhelming response of the residents was to keep Storey Road closed.”

Resident James Evans was appreciative to commissioners for keeping the road blocked.

He thanked the commissioners “for their answer to the problem we are having on Storey Road,” Evans said. “We live in Twin Oaks Farms, raise our children and grandchildren there and we want tranquility and quietness.”

Gaudiuso said eventually Storey Road will be permanently closed due to planned construction on US 322. He added that commissioners are considering opening Garfield Ave. to help alleviate some of the pressure. Gaudioso said a gate will be installed for emergency vehicles to have access to Storey Road.

Resident Toni Ferrell said the matter is more about safety. She added that travelers using GPS systems are often directed through Storey Road and it has become dangerous for children.

“Some of the cars are traveling 50 miles per hour through our neighborhood and I fear for the safety of everyone living there,” Ferrell said. “We have collected 124 names on a petition who want the road to remain closed.”

Bradley said it is not right to close roads just because people are driving on them.

“Roads are not playgrounds,” she said. “You are closing roads in this township because people are driving on them. That’s what these roads are for. We pay taxes and have the right to use them. You just can’t keep closing roads. If people don’t like traffic, then move into a 55- and- over community… You have made the decision to close Storey Road and I have made the decision that I am going to fight you because you are endangering my life, the life of my family and of the lives of the residents in the other two homes on 322.”

In other matters, Kevilyn Boyle was hired as a part-time crossing guard.

It was announced that there is a vacancy for a part-time clerk on the sewer authority. If interested, call 610-485-6789.

Commissioners approved $6,800 to buy an intersection camera from the Next Gen Company. It will be installed at the intersection of Rt. 452 and I-95. The township previously entered into a contract to place cameras at various intersections, which can be reviewed by the police department.

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