By BarbaraOrmsby

Public outrage at Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s recent comments that seemed to suggest that gun rights advocates could commit violence toward Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton because she allegedly wants to abolish the second amendment’s right to bear arms, trickled down to the lowest rung of government with criticism leveled at Trump at Morton Borough Council’s August meeting.

“Every American has to be offended by that,” said Sylvan Ave. resident Michael Lee at Council’s public comment portion of the meeting. “And I am surprised that there hasn’t been any outrage. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”

Lee said he is concerned that calls for violence seem to be the new normal.

“What comes out of your mouth is what you meant,” Lee continued. “If we got a leader like that, we’ll all be in trouble.”

Before the business part of the meeting began,  Council President Mario Cimino noted that the American system of government has worked well for 240 years. He criticized Trump’s remarks that appear to incite violence and paid tribute to the American athletes participating in the Olympics and their stunning performances that has the United States leading in the number of medals won.

“And if you watched this (Olympics), there is no way you can tell me America isn’t great,” Cimino said, referencing Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

The borough has an all-Democratic Council.

In another matter, Council approved the bid of Ridley Excavating, Inc. at $15,845 for the extension of the storm sewer along Morton Ave, to the intersection of Morton and Harding aves. Other bids received were MOR Construction at $17,500 and Premier Concrete at $17,000. The cost will be shared by $6,916 in street maintenance funds, $3,375 in Delaware County Liquid Fuels Tax funds and the balance from the borough general fund.


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