As Royal Farms moves closer to making itself a permanent business in Glenolden, after Friday’s soft opening and Monday’s official opening, Brittany Eldridge, public relations spokesperson and customer service manager at Royal Farms Headquarters in Maryland, said the store’s existence was made possible, in part, by residents.

Eldridge said Royal Farms has been eyeing that location for a while, much longer than her  one year employment at the company, but it wasn’t until residents  reached out to the company via e-mail that Royal Farms cemented their decision to build a store on MacDade Boulevard.

“The people who live next door came over and said they’ve been waiting,” Eldridge said.

WaWa, Royal Farm’s northeastern competitor, has also braced itself for its southern competitor’s arrival. A drive down MacDade shows that although the convenient store giant dominates the entire boulevard, WaWa has reinvented itself to match its competitor with one of the existing stores undergoing renovations and a newly constructed store, with a gas station, awaiting completion.

“It’s not surprising, we are competitors,” Eldridge said. “We just opened, there’s nothing bad or negative; it’s friendly competition, they’ve been a good competitor.”

Eldridge added that both stores are like-minded by sharing the value of wanting to serve customers the best they can.

Giving a teaser of some of their products, Eldridge mentioned Royal Farms’ “world famous fried chicken”; the bone-in dark meat selection is a popular choice among customers. Another longtime favorite is the Western Fries, which are thick-cut potato wedges fried in the chicken batter consisting of flavorful spices. Pulled chicken sandwiches are a new item on the menu.

Customers can also treat themselves to award winning coffee blends that are also certified under the Rainforest Alliance, signified by a seal of a tree-frog, which aims to ensure workers’ rights and rainforest sustainability, according to Eldridge.

“We have great coffee; we are the only company, in the area, that offers the Jamaican blend, Jamaican Blue,” Eldridge said.

Royal Farms will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 3rd and serve free fried chicken to all who attend.


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