Fifteen Interboro High School students will learn first-hand about life in Germany this summer through the German American Partnership program. GAP is an international youth exchange organization sponsored by the education and outreach branch of the German government, the Goethe Institute, and endorsed by the US Department of State.


Students from Munich, Germany visited Interboro High School students in the fall and 15 of those students will soon leave for a visit to Germany as part of the school’s cultural exchange program. Photo courtesy of Chad Donovan.

Interboro’s German teacher, Chad “Herr” Donovan, began taking students to Germany in 2007, and since 2011, he and his exchange counterpart in Munich, Herr Dr. Veit Buntz, have been working to foster international friendships between Interboro High School students and students from the Pestalozzi Music High School in Munich.


Interboro students may participate in the GAP program after taking at least two years of German classes, where they learn to speak German, and about the culture and customs of the people they will encounter.

This year’s group of 15 youth-ambassadors includes, Matthew Bennett, Andrew Bucher, Caitlyn Carosella, Mary Gryn, Neil Hews, Marissa Hews, Wyatt McDevitt, Kayla Munger, Adrienne Narcavage, Taylor Neher, Timothy Overstreet, Ryan Perillo, Charles Sanders, Jordan Schreiber, and Kevin Williams. Most of these students and their families served as hosts to an exchange student from Munich, and will be living with their partner’s family for two of the three weeks that Interboro’s exchange group will spend in Germany.

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