By BarbaraOrmsby

Eddystone Borough Council President William Stewart announced at Council’s May meeting that “any and all” outstanding litigation between the borough and former police Chief William Conner, dating back more than two years, has been concluded because the period to appeal two decisions by Workers Compensation Judge Sarah Makin expired Jan. 29.

Makin’s decision for the first claim that was appealed by Conner dealt with a knee injury suffered by the former chief on Nov. 3, 2010. Makin ruled on Oct. 16, 2013 that Conner was fully recovered from that injury. She later reversed that decision, providing Conner with additional recovery time for the knee injury.

ln the second decision rendered by Makin, on March 24, 2015, she found that Conner failed to sustain his burden of proving that he suffered a work injury on Aug. 8, 2012.

Council took action in December 2013 to discharge Conner after he was examined by a doctor at the Centers for Occupational Health at Springfield Hospital in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission. The results of the examination found Conner unfit for duty because he had restrictions which precluded him from performing the physical/ballistic activities required to perform the duties of a police officer.

In August 2015, while action on Conner’s Workers Compensation claim was still outstanding, Council approved a settlement with the former police chief as it pertained to his Equal Employment Opportunity claim. The settlement was recommended by the borough’s labor counsel. Terms of the settlement were not made public.

The appointment by Council of Acting Police Chief Edward Mokshefsky was approved last year.

Efforts to reach Conner for comment through the attorney who handled the Workers Compensation matter were unsuccessful.

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