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Upland Borough Councilman Harold R. Peden resigned last week due to feeling “extremely unlikely” to be an “effective and trusted member of future Council activities” as a result of “circumstances” that have “evolved around Council and the mayor,” according to a letter written by Peden to Council President Christine Peterson.

Following Peden’s resignation, Council appointed former Councilman Richard McClintock to fill the vacancy.

“I just wanted to say it’s great to be back,” McClintock said after being sworn-in and taking his post on Council. “I served a long time in the Borough of Upland and I really look forward to coming back.”

The returned councilman extended thanks to Council and residents, who responded with applause.

John Zebley was also sworn-in as a part-time police officer for the borough.

Zebley waited alongside his new colleagues for his time to recite the Law Enforcement Oath that was administered by Mayor Michael Ciach with Det. Michael Irey holding the Bible.




Richard McClintock was sworn in as a rejoined member of Borough Council by Mayor Michael Ciach


Newly hired part-time police officer, John Zebley, was sworn-in by Mayor Mike Ciach with Det. Michael Irey as the witness


Newly- appointed Councilman Richard McClintock (left), with Council President Christine Peterson (center) and Mayor Michael Ciach.


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