Evangelical churches in the boroughs of Collingdale, Darby and Colwyn, in the 19023 zip code, came together Friday evening for Heal 23, a two-hour prayer event for the needs of communities in the zip code. Citizens, community leaders, community organizations and members from various congregations were among the 150 guests who attended.

Held at the Collingdale Community Center at MacDade Blvd. and Clifton ave., each of the participating churches, comprising the Collingdale Ministerium, led a five-minute segment of prayer focusing on specific fundamental needs, with intermissions of songs sung by The Praise Team, led by Don Kaut; who also provided background music while the clergy spoke their prayers.

Organizers of the landmark event included (from left) Rev. Michael Fitzpatrick, Rev. Donna Sarog and Rev. Michael Allison.

Organizers of the landmark event included (from left) Rev. Michael Fitzpatrick, Rev. Donna Sarog and Rev. Michael Allison.

Rev. Michael Allison, pastor of Move of God Family Ministries and an organizer of the event, led the first segment – the invocation – which called for unity of God’s kingdom, revival and repentance.

“Never has this kind of assembling happened in this region and that we are here to ask for God’s help to guide those in authority to do the honest thing,” Allison said.

Pastor Robert Walker, of Golden Gate Christian Assembly, spoke of salvation and preaching the word of God. Pastor Will Sarog, of The Church of the Nazarene, said, “righteousness and ethics not only apply to our leaders, but our neighbors, too. Stand up for what is right as there is nothing my God can’t do.”

Rev. Larry Spears, of the Grace Church, headed the prayers for school systems and districts which included all schools and issues of bullying and violence.

“We need to help our children know Jesus; that we are all God’s children, equal in His eyes no matter what race we are and treat each other with dignity, respect and end the bullying and violence,” Spears said.

The call for Unity of a Diverse Community, led by Rev. Michael Fitzpatrick, of the Grace Church, urged people to let go of superficial divisions to promote a unified neighborhood.

“Christly souls are one and the same.  Made in God’s image, sin distorted that image.  We have failed to keep the commandment to love our neighbor as thyself,” he said.

Businesses, especially small, family-owned ones, are common in the target area and many have a generational presence of servicing the communities. Pastor Donna Sarog, of the Collingdale First Church of the Nazarene and another event organizer, recognized the abundance of businesses and reminded them that, “Lord God who has helped you produce.”

Sarog said, “We pray that our commercial businesses, vendors and store fronts will shine with the glory of God through to their customers and not to take advantage of their customers.”

Alex Hernandez, a Hispanic missionary from the Collingdale Iglesia del Nazareno, prayed in Spanish for the businesses.

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