Easter for humans usually means friends and family coming together for church services, egg hunts, baskets of candy, and going to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny. Easter for our pets can mean a few temptations to chew, ingest, and lick things that aren’t good for them. With Easter just a few days away, here are eight tips to help to keep your pets safe.

W-PETS- COVER- keeping pets safe at easter41: Say No to Easter Grass

Easter grass can make a basket really pretty, but it’s irresistible for dogs and cats. They love to chew on it and, if ingested, can be dangerous. Use tissue paper instead; or if you do use Easter grass, keep those baskets out of reach of your pets.

2: Keep Chocolate Away From Pets

Chocolate contains theobromine and can cause hyperactivity, seizures, and an elevated heart rate in dogs. Keep the Easter stash hidden and away from your dog. Remember, all chocolate is dangerous to your dog. I was once told that chocolate used to make candy that humans eat regularly, is so diluted that it can’t hurt a dog, but this has been proven to be false.

3: Sugar Substitute Xylitol is Toxic to Pets

Candy with the sugar substitute xylitol, is a sweetener toxic to dogs and cats. It’s often found in candy, gum, and some baked goods. If your pet ingests it, a drop in blood sugar can occur and cause problems such as seizures and liver failure. Even some foods that you may think would make a healthy alternative to the sugary snacks that humans will be eating, could be harmful. So before you fill that Kong with peanut butter, check to see what type of sweetener was used to flavor it.  Just to be sure there are no accidents, you may have to put your dog in another room while the kids celebrate Easter and dive into that basket of candy and chocolate.

4: Easter Lilies are Toxic to Cats

Easter lilies are very pretty, but cats have a tendency to chew on them. These flowers are toxic to cats and can cause vomiting and lethargy. Hopefully your cat doesn’t jump on every surface in the house and you’ll be able to find a nice spot for the flowers. But if not, it may be best to avoid having Easter lilies in the house.

5: Table Scraps Can Be Harmful to Pets

Table scraps from dinner can be bad for your pet. The ingredients, spices, and fat content can make your pet ill, upset its stomach, or cause other problems such as obesity and behavior problems. Some foods, like ham and other pork products, can cause pancreatitis which can be fatal. Remind your family and guests not to give any food to the dog. If your dog does beg, you may need to crate your dog during dinner or have him hang out in another room with a toy or Kong with some treats to distract him.

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