Aston commissioners are expected Wednesday night to announce a decision whether to relocate the Aston Township Fire Department (ATFD) to a new location or maintain and improve the current Dutton’s Mill Road site.

Two weeks ago, residents, for the second time, packed the Aston Community Center and voiced opinions about the three proposed locations, which include the site of the current township municipal building on Pennell Road; privately owned property at the corner of Concord and Red Hill Roads; and the current location of the Green Ridge Fire Company on Dutton’s Mill Road.

The 3½-acre municipal building location would cost $500,000 in site renovations, which does not include construction of the new firehouse or a new township building/police headquarters. The stated cost does include grading, paving, buffering, landscaping, storm water management and traffic control.

The Concord/Red Hill Road site is privately owned and would require $750,000 in site improvements. The price does not include actual purchase of the land or construction of the new fire house.

And the Green Ridge location, which would cost $450,000 in site improvements, would include expansion of the parking lot, storm water management, landscaping, buffering and traffic improvements.

As in the first public meeting held last month, residents were overwhelmingly in favor of maintaining the Green Ridge Fire Company site.

“I took a poll in my neighborhood and the majority of residents want the firehouse to remain at Dutton’s Mill Road,’ said Jack Armstrong, “and, I agree with that poll.”

Commissioners President Jim Stigale reiterated several times that the purpose of both public meetings was to solicit input from the public.

“This is a major decision and we need to take all seven wards in the township into consideration,” Stigale said. “Believe me, we are doing our due diligence to see what best suits our community… We are listening to your concerns and comments. ”

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