Chester resident Emory Foley is tackling the issue of homelessness with a burgeoning movement to get a citywide sock collections-drive called “Sock it to Homelessness” off the ground.

“In high school, my senior quote was, ‘My goal is to change lives and make this world a better place,’” Foley said.

To fulfill his obligation, Foley says he started preparing meals and donating leftovers from his own home, even encouraging relatives and friends to do the same. The meals were given to the Salvation Army, Wesley House and City Team in Chester.

Emory Foley is a Chester native and force behind the “Sock It to Homeless- ness” campaign.

Emory Foley is a Chester native and force behind the “Sock It to Homeless- ness” campaign.

“If I didn’t have enough leftovers, I would raid my mother’s fridge,” he said, but the efforts of others began to disappear, which discouraged him from the task completely.

The thought of changing donations to strictly socks came to him like an epiphany, Foley said, after waking up one morning. According to his research, socks are the least donated item. At first, it was a seasonal effort for the cold winter, so the homeless can keep warm, but he decided to accept other styles of socks including dress socks and sports socks.

“I know it’s just socks, but it’s also letting the homeless know, ‘I see you, I feel your pain,’” he said.

He’s only a month into the drive and has already collected over $100 worth of socks. To gain traction for more donations, he attempted to reach out to major media but was told they would only publicize his efforts if he created a GoFundMe page, a website where anyone can donate funds to specific causes.

“I don’t want cash, only socks,” Foley said.

Foley said he has yet to actually donate the socks because he wants to get an “even distribution” for the area’s homeless at large.

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