For the first-time in many years, the City of Chester is offering a reward hoping to solve the city’s first 2016 homicide that occurred Friday night at W. 15TH St. and Shaw Terrace, an area not considered a high crime neighborhood.

Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland announced on Monday at a press conference a $5,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of a suspect. The offer was “matched” by Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, bringing the total to $10,000.

“Although we realize you cannot put a price on a life, you can put a price on a criminal,” Kirkland said, flanked by Whelan and Chester Police Commissioner Darren Alston.

“We believe people have information that could lead to making an arrest and successfully prosecuting,” Whelan said. “It’s time that the police, the district attorney’s office, the residents in the city of Chester work together to make our community safer….We cannot do it without you,” said Whelan.

Police said the victim was a 42 year-old man found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head in his Toyota Camry that was still running.

At the press conference, Kirkland said he and the victim had been friends for 10 years and the last time he spoke to the married father of 10 was on his way to church when the victim asked Kirkland to help him with his necktie.

Although police declined to disclose the name of the victim, sources familiar with the investigation identified the man as city resident David Alston (no relation to the police commissioner).

Sources said police received a call about gunshots being heard in the area at 9:39 p.m., which prompted an investigation of the area. Upon their arrival five minutes later, they found the idling car with the victim inside.

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