Lansdowne Borough Manager Craig Totaro presented the borough’s 2016 budget reflecting movement on taxes during the borough’s Council business meeting earlier this month.

The budget reflected a real estate tax increase of 2.25 percent but leaders tried to find solace in that there was an initial fear that the rate would have to be set at 2.5 percent.

Council Vice President Michael Schleigh said the change is for the typical houses with a wide range of assessments estimated with $400,000 at the top end and $30,000 at the low end. The median house assessment is at $88,000 and the tax bump is $26 per median house.

Mayor Anthony Campuzano told residents he is not pleased about increasing taxes. He congratulated Totaro and the Financial Committee for keeping taxes as low as possible, despite the slight increase.

“I hope residents realize nobody likes increasing taxes and we worked hard to really look at every aspect of this budget and keep it as low as we could,” Campuzano said, “while maintaining the borough’s services.”

Other agenda business included congratulating the police chief and the Police Department on their performance at arresting three people who robbed the WSFS and Wells Fargo banks on Baltimore Pike last week.

Thanks to the bank’s surveillance technology, the three suspects were arrested within five to 10 minutes and police recovered the stolen money, Police Chief Daniel Donegan said.

Donegan also reported the Police Department is currently starting its second youth Police Academy in March.

Also, he asked Councilman Eric Aubrey to move to suspend overnight parking restrictions for the holidays from Friday, Dec. 18th to Monday, Jan. 4th. Council approved the motions.

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