Dear Editor:

Your post-election editorial (The Spirit, Nov. 4-10, 2015) leaves me wondering who actually wrote it. It was so “sour grapes” sounding that someone would have thought that you were the one who lost the election?!!

And if you wrote it, were you holding Mr. (Wendell) Butler’s hand and rubbing his back while you wrote it?

Instead of attempting to publish your little rag paper, perhaps you should concentrate on writing poison pen letters against (Thaddeus) Kirkland and any, or should I say every, other Democrat you hate so intensely.

Yes, the election is over but what, exactly is the fight you’re proposing?

You know, you sound like your Republican counterparts in Washington who decided the day President Obama took office, to become the party of NO!

Now that the election is over, I believe you need to learn to pick your fights.

“No weapons formed against me shall prosper.”

Get thee behind us, Satan!!!

Sara Reynolds –Kirkland


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