Thaddues Kirkland

Thaddues Kirkland

Protocol requires that we extend congratulations to the winner(s) of elections and we act no differently to Chester City Mayor-elect Thaddeus Kirkland.

However, it’s of little to no consequence because we know Kirkland could care less about us. In fact, his camp violated our federal rights by interfering with our ability to cover the news around some last minute campaigning in Chester by Gov. Tom Wolf.

That episode is over, but the fight is not.

Unfortunately, we fear the entire City of Chester will know in short order just how little he and his team really care about “the greater good” as opposed to feathering their own nests.

Kirkland and Company had four years to try to improve on the record Wendell Butler took 10 years to build before leaving city government. Instead of making life better, Chester life got worse.

City finances were unaccounted for and the “A” rating the Butler Team built disappeared; services like twice-weekly trash collection were cut and government officials took on a “siege mentality” that discouraged any thoughts or opinions they didn’t agree with.

From the obvious, can Chester expect anything better from a Kirkland administration with absolute power? Good luck with that.

Get ready for four more years of officials mindlessly cheesing in pictures and doing the “Nay-Nay” instead of finding serious solutions to serious problems. Prepare yourself to hear more lies and mis-truths about people your elected officials don’t like, as opposed to them finding common-ground with their detractors and accepting constructive criticism with agape love.

We salute Wendell N. Butler, Jr. as he announces this was his last political race. The 70-year old said he has a wife, kids and grandkids that walked a nearly 50-year journey with him along the path of public service. Whatever time is left, is for them to enjoy.

Wendell Butler

Wendell Butler

Chester may really be Kirk-land now, but his victory wasn’t a landslide and it wasn’t a mandate; it was a squeaker.

We only hope that the good people of Chester – those who fought the good fight but lost by only a few hundred votes — continue fighting for the kind of progressive government they know they once had.

And we hope those who did vote in Kirkland and Company , will hold them accountable and make them responsible, instead of running to the county and demanding more resources to squander “’cause we is po and Black.”

Being “poor and Black” is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a starting point for rising up to become better. Such a climb is made that much more possible with serious, selfless leadership.

We can only hope and pray.

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