Colwyn Borough Council is meeting this week (Thursday, Nov. 12th at 7 p.m.) to vote on the resignations of Council members Jesse Brundage, Paul Meuser and Mayor Michael Blue, and to discuss the Act 47 financial recovery plan.

Just hours prior to last week’s Act 47 hearing, Brundage, Meuser and Blue announced their departures.

Brundage said Council will not accept the Act 47 plan that he does agree with, describing it as “comprehensive.” He feels Gov. Tom Wolf will have to intervene and appoint a receiver eventually to take over the borough.

“The main reason we did this (resign) was to speed up receivership, which to me is the only answer,” Brundage said. 

Residents and elected officials alike expressed mixed feelings about Colwyn’s financial plan at the hearing last Thursday.

EConsult Solutions consultant, Stephen Mullin, a member of the Act 47 team, said Council has until the end of November to vote to accept or decline the plan.

If Council fails to accept the plan, it has two options: create an alternative plan or enter receivership, Mullin said.

The state’s Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) would review Council’s alternative plan and either accept or decline it.

If the DCED denies a new plan, Wolf can declare a state of emergency for Colwyn and delegate power to the DCED to run the borough until it becomes economically stable again.

The Act 47 team highlighted key recommendations under the plan it created that include hiring a borough manager, seeking Commonwealth support through grants and low-to-no-interest loans, and improve code enforcement.

Elected officials and residents have expressed mixed feelings about hiring a borough manager, because Council voted to eliminate that position in August to save money and consolidate power.

One common concern was that the recovery plan delegates too much authority to the borough manager.

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