A concerned Chester City mother is questioning the official report of an incident involving her two sons and “an adult male” who the mother identified as Democratic mayoral candidate Thaddeus Kirkland. The incident occurred last month.

The Spirit obtained police reports from the mother who asked not to be identified out of fear of retribution. She said her sons were only trying to defend themselves against the official who, she said, assaulted them in connection with a rock-throwing incident.

On Sept. 9th in the 900 block of Lloyd Street, in Chester, police reports say the juvenile defendants were throwing rocks at houses while waiting for a school bus.  

Thaddeus Kirkland

Thaddeus Kirkland

At one point, the one-page report reads, “The defendant and three other actors were also yelling obscenities at an adult male that attempted to intervene.” The “adult male” was not identified by name in the police reports, but the juveniles’ mother was told by parents of other children involved that the “adult male” was Kirkland, himself the father of five and grandfather of 11.

Repeated calls to Kirkland’s office and cell phone were not returned.

One of her major concerns is that the man allegedly pushed the children to the ground. When her oldest son, age 14, tried to help the other boys up, the adult man smacked the boy in the head, she said. Her second son is 11 years old.

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